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C&H Precision is the Mounting Plate of choice for the FBI

C&H Precision Weapons – a leader in the industry of mounting pistol optics – has a storied history of use in the hands of many DoD and agency hands. The FBI has used C&H as their optics mounting plate for many years. These mounting plates can accommodate an entirely different optic footprint by taking the older pistol slides and upgrading them. This begs the question,” is it good enough for me, a consumer?”

Many individuals know that the military often contracts with the lowest bidder. Mil-Spec is usually a nice way of saying “cheap,” but not many corners are cut regarding internal and external law enforcement agencies. C&H Precision is used by many of the nation’s elite law enforcement agencies. One of the largest federal law enforcement agencies is the FBI. 

The Bureau’s needs are broad. There are many considerations when it comes to pistols and optics mounts. Not only do the mounts need to meet the Bureau requirements, but they also need to meet the needs of an individual user. Anyone who carries in the field must be comfortable with the optic and mounting on their pistol. Because of the diverse environments, optics and mounting plates must be incredibly rugged and durable. This goes far beyond the nomenclature of “mil-spec.” The FBI isn’t restricted to budget like the military, so quality takes precedence over cost.

Looking more closely into C&H Precision Weapons, it’s easy to see that the same standard of excellence necessary for FBI use is found in all consumer products. Because there is no differentiation between Bureau use, each mounting plate is built to the same standard. So, the question remains: if CHPW is good enough for the FBI, is it good for me? At this point, that’s a no-brainer. As C&H is the industry standard, it’s easy to rely comfortably on the proven and effective mounting options from C&H Precision Weapons.

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C&H Precision Weapons (CHPWS) is a family owned and operated small business, serving the shooting community from our shop located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. We specialize in hand-crafted precision rifles, custom 1911’s, pistol slide upgrades and the design and manufacturing of special projects within the firearms industry. All work is performed in-house by real gun builders, real engineers and professional shooters.

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