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Cartridge Comparison Guide

Introducing the first complete guide of its kind, the Chamberain Cartridge Comparison Guide. For you shooters out there who spend just as much time on your rounds as you do shooting, this is the book for you! This guide contains over 150 pages of material, which provides a better understanding of cartridge performance. This of course ultimately leads to the best cartridge selection for personal shooting requirements. First and foremost, I must provide warning that this is NOT A RELOADING MANUAL! The load data presented is intended to generate a comparison of cartridge performance for literally any situation.

Jumping into the chapters, right away you will find core questions such as who, what, where, and you guessed it, why. Is the cartridge for a child, woman, or man? Will it be used for target shooting or hunting? At what elevation will you be shooting, and will wind or humidity play a role? Are there specific minimum cartridge requirements? These are all factors you should consider when choosing a round, and this guide makes the process that much easier, and that much more accurate for you! In a sense, this guide takes your specific requirements, and filters out all of the promotional literature, as well as the hundreds of cartridges available, ultimately delivering a select few cartridges that best fit your criteria.

Once you get a little deeper into the book, you will start to reach, what seem to be, incredibly complex data tables. DO NOT PANIC! The guide instructs you how to approach and assess these tables. Almost every caliber, bullet manufacturer and weight, velocity, and efficiency ratio is depicted in the multiple tables. So lets say your shooting a polymer plastic tip 75 grain bullet out of an 8-lb .243 rifle. According to table 1, you will be receiving 7.66 ft-lbs of recoil energy, but will have an efficiency (Energy/Powder weight) of 0.48. Thinking about a different bullet? No problem, just flip ahead a few pages and you will find a detail section on bullet types and their characteristics in given situations. For example there is a section on wound channel and characteristics, penetration, in flight behavior, terminal ballistics, and cartridge selection for game animals.

Overall, by using the statistics, discussions, and graphics provided, you the reader can compare literally any cartridge against any other cartridge. So if you fancy yourself a shooter, reloader, or simply a gun and ammo lover, this is the guide for you. For more detailed information regarding the guide, please visit www.CartridgeComparisonGuide.com. Also feel free to visit the Catrtridge Comparison Guide Blog or Facebook page.



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