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Cherokee State Wildlife Area Adopted by the Mule Deer Foundation

Cherokee State Wildlife Area (SWA) in Livermore

LIVERMORE, Colo. – The Cherokee State Wildlife Area (SWA) in Livermore, Colo., encompasses more than 28,000 acres and provideshabitat to mule deer, elk, black bear, moose, coyotes, rodents andbirds. The property was recently “adopted” by the Northern Front Range Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF).

In the spring of 2004, MDF members opened a dialogue with JacobFrank, Wildlife Technician for the Colorado Department of Wildlife (CDOW), who has been responsible for management of the Cherokee SWAfor the past 12 years. Frank was in the process of developing awater/spring system for the property in order to maintain a continuous water source to support wildlife throughout the year.As a result of MDF funds, three spring tanks were successfullyimplemented in 2005 and 2006.

In 2007, additional funding was obtained through MDF Conservation Partnerships for three additionalsprings. Two springs were put into service earlier this year, and onespring is scheduled for 2008. To date, 21 springs/holding tanks havebeen installed on the site. Colorado Wildlife Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Habitat Partnership Program and CDOW’sCherokee SWA budget have supplied additional funding.

Members of MDF’s Northern Front Range Chapter have also played a key role in providing manpower for additional habitat projects on theCherokee SWA. They have volunteered time to the water developmentproject, provided labor to build fencing, plant orchards, remove weeds, cultivate and water trees and shrubs, and recentlyparticipated in an aspen/fur tree thinning project.

As a result of these efforts, Jake Frank contacted CDOW supervisors and received approval to have the Cherokee SWA adopted by the MuleDeer Foundation. MDF, especially the Northern Front Range Chapter,have made a commitment to assist in the maintenance of the property. Frank said MDF deserved this honor “because of their willingness toaccomplish projects with their time and money.”

Formal dedication of the Cherokee SWA occurred on July 28, 2007. Signs were unveiled recognizing MDF for its efforts. These signs wereplaced at each of the entrances to the SWA as well as on specific MDFfunded spring tanks.

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