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Clearshot Archery Peep Sight Review


Clearshot Archery Peep

Clearshot Archery was created to help hunters quickly and easily locate, see and see through the peep sight on a bow. My first interaction with them was this year when I was struggling in my shooting. I was seeing blurry pins and sometimes a double image looking through my own peep sight. Now I am seeing clearly through my peep and my pins are as clear as can be.

Karl Johnson, founder of Clearshot Archery, had issues locating and seeing his own peep. His father was 100% colorblind and was having the same issue. Karl set to work creating a high quality anodized aluminum peep that both of them could use. The win for everyone is that having the contrast between one color and the black rim of this peep is helping shooters across a wide spectrum of shooting conditions and ultimately eye conditions.

After many years of sitting in front of a computer, video cameras and sorting through paperwork as well as hitting my mid-forties, I need reading glasses to see anything under 36 inches. The value of Clearshot Archery’s peeps is that I can now see my pins clearly without the use of glasses. I now use readers with a +2.00 enhancement. I don’t want to shoot with reading glasses on as they affect my long distance vision and I really am trying to avoid bi-focals for at least a few more years.

The Clearshot IA 5 Interchangeable Peep 5 pack comes with all 4 colored inserts (green, purple gold and pink) in the 3/16″ aperture size. This is for the shooter that like to change the insert based on the condition they are shooting in or you just aren’t sure what color works best for you. These peeps are designed to improve low light shooting, accuracy, faster sight recognition and work with most shooters that are color impaired.

Using the Clearshot IA 5 Interchangeable Peep I can avoid a lens in either my peep or on my sight because I am able to see my pins again using the gold insert and the black outer ring. I did try the other colors but I could see my pins most clearly using the gold pin. Each person will have a different image with each color depending upon the kind of shooting they are doing and the make up of their individual eyesight.

The colors used on these peeps were selected on what colors the human eye can see the best, based on research from UCLA and the United States military. These are the brightest peeps you will find and you will see your pins clearly. The beveling on these peeps funnels light into the eye helping you to see brighter than what you get with normal peep sights.

The best news is that the Clearshot IA 5 Interchangeable Peep will run you less than $40.00 and you can sleep well at night knowing you are helping keep Americans working right here in the United States. Check out our quick video about these peeps. Then go ask for these at your archery shop or order them directly from the team at Clearshot Archery.






Kevin Paulson

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