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CMP Announces New Corporation Mission and Vision

To better reflect its Nationwide responsibility for marksmanship excellence, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has updated its mission and vision.

While the previous mission and vision have served the CMP well, the recent change in corporate leadership led by new Board Chair and CEO Jerry O’Keefe, provided an opportunity to renew the direction of the organization through its core values.

“When there are significant changes to an organization, a Mission/Vision review is prudent,” said O’Keefe, who assumed the chair role in September 2022. “In CMP’s case, the organization has grown significantly since the previous mission and vision were determined, and CMP is poised for additional growth. These two things in combination made it the perfect time to conduct this review.”

“New leadership often brings new ideas and a new focus that might result in a change,” O’Keefe went on. “Especially to the Vision.”

CMP’s Updated Vision – To lead the nation in marksmanship excellence providing safe, high quality and innovative programs with a focus on youth

“A Vision Statement is a future or aspirational view of where an organization hopes to be,” O’Keefe said. “There are several key words or portions of the new CMP Vision Statement which are important.” 

Essential principles the CMP aspires to express through its Vision:

  • CMP as a national organization/leader – The CMP is prominent in all corners of the country with the promotion of marksmanship through affiliated clubs, training programs and competitions. Furthermore, future plans to leverage technology, expand programs and add physical locations will cement the national presence, impact, and leadership of the CMP.
  • Marksmanship excellence and safety – As the CMP continues to grow, maintaining the high standard of marksmanship excellence and safety that has been the hallmark of the CMP since its inception 26 years ago is fundamental to the organization. 
  • Innovation – Technology is changing fast in the firearms industry and marksmanship sports.  To be a national leader, CMP must anticipate trends and provide new and exciting opportunities–especially with youth programs.
  • Youth – As directed in our enabling legislation, Youth Programs will remain a CMP priority as stated in our mission, and in the future, as reflected in our vision.

Equally as important as the vision, the new CMP mission directs the corporation to focus on the core tasks of the organization.

CMP’s Updated Mission – Promote marksmanship through firearms training, safety, competitions and youth programs

“The Mission drives everything the organization does by focusing on the essential tasks we must accomplish.  It is the starting point of our strategic planning and the basis for any decisions,” explained Lieutenant General Gary Cheek, US Army (Retired), Chair of the CMP Strategic Planning Committee. “Our plan starts with the mission and vision and by assessing mission related strategic indicators, proposes long term goals and resourcing decisions to guide us toward our vision.”

Cheek and the CMP Board Strategic Planning Committee members were the ones initially tasked with revising the mission and vision. In addition, the committee is also charged with developing a strategic plan for the organization to guide future decisions through a holistic assessment of the organization mission and business areas.

“We assess these areas to understand our current strengths, weaknesses, and trends to make decisions on future programs, investments, capital improvements and technology,” said Cheek. “When considering the mission revision, the Strategic Planning Committee focused on the key CMP tasks. Central to this is our enabling legislation and what the U.S. Congress directed the CMP to do.”

“While the previous mission has served CMP well, the new mission integrates the critical aspects of how we promote marksmanship. We believe this continues the best parts of the previous mission with greater clarity of purpose,” he added.

After multiple meetings and iterations, the committee proposed several competing mission options and O’Keefe shared them with CMP senior employees at an offsite in early October 2022.  Ultimately, with input from CMP staff members, a final version was ready for corporate board approval.  Knowing the proposed mission included input from CMP employees ultimately made the decision easier for the board.

“The board gives great value to the experience and talents of our employees and having their buy in for the new mission was critical.  We know success requires collaboration and transparency throughout the CMP, as we value the input of every employee and constituent,” O’Keefe said.

Following staff input, the board voted on and approved the new mission and vision later the same month. The mission and vision will guide the day-to-day CMP dedication to marksmanship excellence and provide an aspirational goal for innovation in the future.

“These are exciting times for the CMP. The previous leadership built an incredibly strong organization with a reputation for excellence, a talented and loyal workforce, and the resources to positively impact the future,” O’Keefe concluded. “We seek to look hard at data and trends to make the big strategic decisions in a collaborative and transparent way. I am honored to be a part of it.”

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training and to the promotion of marksmanship competition for citizens of the United States. For more information about the CMP and its programs, log onto

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