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CMP Offers New Laser Shot Simulator, Other Open Activities This Fall

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – Those searching for unique activities during the fall months should look to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), headquartered on the grounds of Camp Perry near Port Clinton. Dedicated to firearm safety and training for all, the CMP has designed a variety of competitive and learning opportunities available to the public that aren’t just for practical purposes – they’re also fun!

Indoor Air Gun Range and Olympic Displays:

The Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, located on Camp Perry, is the perfect location for visitors of any age to explore. Open to the public each week, the facility houses an indoor 80-point electronic air gun range formatted for the use of both air rifles and air pistols. The air guns are propelled by compressed air, expelling virtually no kick back and little sound, making them ideal for young and old participants alike. Guests may bring their own air guns (as long as they are .177 cal. with muzzle velocities of 600 fps or less) or rent from the CMP. Outside of the range, the building offers several displays of Olympic memorabilia from the career of two-time gold medalist, Gary Anderson, as well as other amenities. The facility may also be rented for parties, group building sessions and more! Visit for more information.

The Gary Anderson Competition Center is home to CMP’s new Laser Shot Simulator systems.

Laser Shot Simulators:

The latest installment to the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center is the Laser Shot Simulator – essentially, a hands-on video game for firearms. The simulator offers many options including rifles, pistols and shotguns, which act as the controller of the game. Simply point the adapted firearm to the game projection screen and choose a course. The wide selection features steel target simulations and other entertaining challenges in a controlled and safe environment. The simulator programs are even capable of being used for civilian training, military qualifications and law enforcement purposes – but, mostly, they’re just a lot of fun!

Open Air Gun Competitions:

Each month, the CMP hosts air rifle and air pistol matches for competitors of all experience levels.

All year long, the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center hosts a number of competitive opportunities for anyone to enjoy. Such CMP matches open to those of any skill level (from beginner to expert) include the Monthly Air Gun Matches, hosted each month, as well as several Postal events like the Aces Postal and CMP Postal. The Postal matches are fired upon official targets and submitted to be compared amongst others competing in the same match from around the country. Those in JROTC programs may also enter the annual JROTC Postal, which moves on to Regional and National levels. For junior athletes, the Gary Anderson Invitational is a staple event during the air gun season. If you aren’t interested in competing but are curious about the sport, all competitions are open for viewing, free of charge!

Junior Rifle Club:

Youth local to the Camp Perry area may choose to join the Junior Rifle Club, designed as an introduction to the sport of air rifle. Each training session is led by former NCAA Division I rifle athletes, with fundamental instruction on firearm safety, basics of the sport and tips on becoming a well-rounded athlete. There is no initial cost to join, with equipment provided by the CMP in introductory weeks! For more information, please email Ryan Hinson at

Petrarca Range holds an outdoor electronic target line, open to the public each week through November.

Petrarca Range:

If you aren’t ready to head indoors just yet, Petrarca Range on Camp Perry is an outdoor area open to the public each week through November. The range includes 10 electronic rifle targets set up at 100 yards (though capable of simulating up to 600 yards) and 5 cardboard pistol targets set at 50 ft. or 25/50 yards. Guests may bring their own firearms to use for $10 per hour ($25 for 3 hours), up to a .30-06 ammo caliber. The range will also host a Garand/Springfield/Vintage and Modern Military rifle match on Sept. 23, 2023. Visit the CMP website for registration info!

Whether a seasoned marksmen or purely trying something new, the CMP has so much to offer at Camp Perry! Learn about these opportunities and more by visiting the CMP website at

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training and to the promotion of marksmanship competition for citizens of the United States. For more information about the CMP and its programs, log onto

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