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Combat Wipes The Biodegradable Wipe Review

Biodegradable wet wipes are an absolute godsend while outside and honestly they are pretty nice even when you are not outdoors. Everyone likes to be clean and when you are focused on outdoor hygiene, it is not always convenient to have access to a shower or fresh water. As well, a clean bum keeps you comfortable and out in the field longer. We carry a pack of Combat Wipes in the field and we carry these on vacations in our packs when we are not close to home. Camping hygiene is important. Whether you are backpacking, traveling, hiking, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, really any outdoor activity or even at a trade show, having a pack of these biodegradable wipes with you keeps you clean.

We saw the team from Combat Wipes at SHOT and they happily refreshed our supply with a free shipment of durable wet wipes for our photos, our opinions are our own and these links take you to Amazon which helps us keep the lights on here.

Biodegradable Wipes

We first picked these up back in 2018, I honestly cannot remember where I first found them but I picked up a pack of the Combat Wipes Commando version and I was impressed with the black color of these bio-degradable wipes and that they were bio-degradable and compostable. These wet wipes are made with natural fibers, they are durable and compost naturally. These are far better than toilet paper. These packages come in packs of 25 and these rinse free wipes are folded individually so you only pull out one wipe at a time. I like the Combat Wipes Commando for hunting because they are unscented wipes. Combat Wipes also have other products besides the Commando.

Combat Wipes

The Combat Wipes Active are white hygiene wipes that are also bio-degradable specifically for outdoor cleansing and refreshing. They help to eliminate the dirt and sweat from your body, when nature calls and the active wipes have a bit of a refreshing smell but definitely not for hunting. The smell of these has a clean-fresh smell that was not unpleasant. The Active Wipes can be used on your hands, face, body and anywhere you need to be fresh.

The Combat Wipes GAIA have been specifically created for women. While I have not used these biodegradable wipes personally, I do know they were created with a gentler formula that is pH balanced and bio-mimetic that is also alcohol and SLS free. These wipes are white and carry the same pocket size packs of 25 biodegradable wipes with single wet wipe pull out. These the ideal outdoor wet wipe and they are a great alternative to toilet paper in the outdoors.

Combat Wipes Dry Out are 100% Bio-degradable Outdoor Disposable Towels in 3ct packs and these might be good for long trips. We have not tested these but we do like that are bio-degradable and they come in a re-usable zipper bag. Combat Wipes has created a compact Backpacking Shovel so you can dig holes and bury your business underground. Bio-degradable wipes need to be covered in dirt to disappear in under 3 months and it’s the absolutely the right thing to do.


Combat Wipes are the right size for use, they are folded for individual use, they are clean, they come in a small package, they are strong and can be used anywhere on your body, did we tell you they are biodegradable wipes (we love that) and they are as convenient and super reasonably priced. You can find these at retailers and of course you can find them online.

Combat Wipes Video

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