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Common Waterfowl Hunting Methods

Hunting for ducks and geese is a great way to get outdoors and bring home some wild game, not to mention it is extremely fun! If you have never hunted waterfowl before it may be a bit intimidating but it is actually really simple to get into once you understand the different styles and methods. 

    The first type of waterfowl hunting we will cover is field hunting. Waterfowl will often feed in agriculture fields such as bean and corn fields. When hunting in a field it is a good idea to scout for fields that are being used by ducks and geese to feed. Once you have found a field you can set up decoys in there that evening or the following morning and hunt them when they come back to feed. For a field hunt you will usually use a layoutblind or a pitblind to hide yourself as there usually is not a lot of cover in open fields. 

Another waterfowl hunting method will be to hunt ducks and geese over shallow water such as marshes, ponds, creeks and small rivers. For this style of hunting you will need waders to wade out into the water to set your decoys as well as retrieve your downed birds if you don’t have a dog. You will usually hide on shore, and you can use natural brush or panel blinds to keep you hidden. This is one of the most common ways to hunt waterfowl, as it is easier to find public waterways. 

    When it comes to big water duck hunting, you will more than likely need a boat. This would be out in lakes or large rivers. When using a boat for waterfowl hunting it is a good idea to blind the boat in the natural vegetation that is similar to the area you will be hunting. That way you can pull in next to the shore line and blend in. This method is similar to hunting shallow water but the boat is needed in these areas because the water will be too deep to wade in.

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