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Controversial Self-Defense Video Released: One Shot Fight Enders

There are moments when avoiding conflict is simply impossible. Hostility and decisiveness are at an all-time high, and the possibility of violence is greater than ever. Unfortunately, many “Good Samaritans” end up becoming a casualty of violence because even though they have the best intentions, they quickly become overwhelmed. However, that does not have to be the case anymore.

The Self Defense Company, founded by Damian Ross, the author of Self Defense for Dummies, offers a “no filler” instructional program for all who need to defend themselves and others by showing how to end the conflict as quickly as possible. The Self Defense Company’s One Shot Fight Enders is an easy-to-learn program focused on high-percentage techniques with the best chance of instantly stopping an assailant. By taking WWII commandos’ tactics and modifying them to the specific needs of today’s environment, One Shot Fight Enders means anyone, regardless of fitness level or skill, can be brutally effective.

While many people have condemned the tone and the nature of the controversial self-defense program, Ross sees it as essential for anyone who has the need to defend and protect against modern violence, “The longer you prolong an assault, the greater the risk you and your loved ones have of getting injured or worse. That is why we felt we needed to release this program. It was time.”

One Shot Fight Enders shows where to strike an attacker, the most effective ways to attack, and how to incorporate force multipliers to increase the technique’s effectiveness. Not only will an individual be able to learn these valuable skills from the comfort of their own home, but with minimal practice, one can immediately recall these skills under extreme stress. Damian and the entire team at The Self Defense Company focus on using the body’s natural weapons most efficiently, regardless of an individual’s experience. Incapacitating a larger and stronger attacker is simplified with the skill set provided by The Self Defense Company’s One Shot Fight Enders.

Through the One Shot Fight Enders, anyone can learn how to:

  • Incapacitate larger and stronger attackers instantly by shocking their central nervous system
  • Knock your assailant out cold with the softest part of the hand
  • Force Multiplier tricks that will amplify the power of defense attacks
  • Maximize the body’s natural weapons
  • Properly attack the testicles
  • Destroy anything with Reeling Elbows
  • Head Butt without getting knocked out
  • Additional three bonuses (Self Defense Library, The Aware Course, and Ear Box-Eye Gouge Combo)

The entire team at The Self Defense Company has taken the time and provided the experience to share the defensive techniques in an easy-to-digest online program. A 19-module online curriculum breaks down each component of utilizing specific attacks, how to perfect strikes, which strikes are effective, and explains confusing information that persists in most training. Take advantage of the situation by signing up for the One Shot Fight Enders today! $97 regular price but on sale for $47, a $50 savings!

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About The Self Defense Company

The Self Defense Company provides practical and realistic personal protection solutions through live and online tactical training and concealed body armor systems for every day. Founded in 2007 by Damian Ross and his wife Angela, with the motto, “You don’t need a blackbelt,” The Self Defense Company provides essential self-defense life-saving tools through instructional training in The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) and concealed ballistic protection for citizens, teachers, students, and commuters with their Bodyguard Brand patented bulletproof backpacks and jackets. Damian Ross is a lifelong martial artist, defensive tactics instructor, coach, bodyguard, first responder, inventor, and the author of the official “Self Defense for Dummies.”

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