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CrossBreed® Holsters Announces the Modular Belly Band 2.0

SPRINGFIELD, MO – CrossBreed® Holsters, a leading manufacturer in the category of concealed carry, is excited to announce the launch of the Modular Belly Band 2.0. The Modular Belly Band 2.0 represents a refinement of the original multi-configurable, highly ergonomic Modular Belly Band.

Designed for maximum comfort and function for EDC practitioners who live an active lifestyle, the Modular Belly Band 2.0 takes the belly band concept to the next level with several upgrade features.

Most significant is a new polyester jersey outer shell that delivers a soft, form-fitting feel against the skin while maintaining breathability so wearers can stay cooler on hot days or during strenuous activity. Further, the jersey outer comes with an anti-microbial feature that withstands up to 25 hand washes.

To ensure the concealed firearm stays in place, the band includes anti-slip panels. These panels minimize rotation or slippage of the band so the holstered firearm stays comfortably positioned where you want it.

The Modular Belly Band 2.0 is designed to accept Crossbreed’s Modular holster. These holsters feature model-specific Kydex pockets with a leather backer that includes a hook panel that secures to a corresponding loop panel on the Modular Belly Band 2.0. With the modular system, the holstered firearm can be custom positioned for optimal comfort, carry positions, and draw angle. Simply secure the holster to the Velcro panel and stretch the elastic band over top to secure. This system also comes with two integrated pockets that fit most semi-auto pistol magazines magazine carriers as well as a pocket for a mobile device.

Numerous handgun models are compatible with the Modular Belly Band 2.0 and holster systems. For a complete listing or to learn more about the new Modular Belly Band 2.0, visit As with all Crossbreed holsters, the Modular Belly Band 2.0 comes with a two-week trial period to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

About CrossBreed® Holsters:

CrossBreed® Holsters was established in 2005 by Mark Craighead, who was an avid shooter and firearms enthusiast. His vision for US handcrafted holsters evokes attention to detail, quality and functionality that have made CrossBreed® a leader in concealment. Visit CrossBreed® Holsters

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