CVA Paramount Long Range Muzzleloader Overview

We asked Tony Smotherman to give us an overview of the new CVA Paramount Long Range Muzzleloader

Tony took us through all of the great features of the CVA Paramount which you can check out at

The Rifle is a .45 caliber with a 1:22 twist built using a Nitride 26 inch stainless steel Bergara barrel and HMR stock. This rifle kicks out a custom created PowerBelt ELR bullet using the Vafiflame adapter which carries a large rifle primer to increase accuracy and create a 1.5 MOA with the 280 grain PowerBelt bullet. The rifle weighs 9.65lbs with a free floating barrel all based on the Remington 700 short-action footprint with an adjustable trigger.

The Long Range Muzzleloader rifle comes with a pack of 15 PowerBelt ELR Bullets, a pack of 10 VariFlame Adapters, Re-priming tools for loading and unloading VariFlames, Quake Flush Cup Sling, Collapsible self-deploying ramroad for loading and stored in a molle pouch, solid aluminum range rod for cleaning, .45 caliber brass cleaning jag, and an owner’s manual.

We are seriously impressed with what we saw and we are looking forward to testing this rifle in the near future.

Comment below with your thoughts.

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