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Dark Energy Poseidon Pro

I met Garrett Aida the founder of Dark Energy way back in 2016 at a trade show and I took a serious look at his product. The products from Dark Energy are very well thought out and I really liked Garrett so I bought two of them to connect to my ipad and my iphone and I bought one for my new wife. We took these on our honeymoon, 21 days across the country and we found them to be exceptional at keeping all of our devices charged and running. We wrote about the Poseidon product way back in 2016.

Later that year, I took 2 of these on a hunt with me in Manitoba and it was on the verge of being unbearably cold and they held up exceptionally well in that cold environment, me not quite as much. Over the years, we have tested dozens of these kinds of battery backup devices, some of them have been good and a few have been exceptional but over the last 8 years the device that keeps getting thrown into my go bag has been the Poseidon.

This year at SHOT show, I was walking the aisles down in the basement of SHOT. Most of the media refers to this area as the dungeon cause it has this underground feel with no natural light but walking around the corner you could see the smile of Garrett in the Dark Energy Booth lighting up the place with is team. They were back at SHOT and they had launched the Poseidon Pro as well as the Mavrik Stand for charging.

The new Poseidon Pro comes with the ability to submerge it to 6 feet of water for 45 minutes with an IP68 rating. The new device comes with USB and USB C allowing you to fast charge and provides up to 36 hours of power for your cell phone. The new package for the Poseidon Pro comes with a 3 foot USB C to USB C cable as well as a 5 in 1 Multi-tool Carabiner Pro that you can use to clip the device to your pack. The Carabiner is a little heavy for me so I swapped it out with a lightweight one and gave the 5 in 1 to a young kid I am mentoring.

The Mavrik Stand is a 15W Magsafe wireless charging stand and it works perfectly. I honestly wish I had picked up a couple more of these, one for my desk in my office and one for the wife. I had this on my desk for quite some time but it has migrated to the night stand in my bedroom. It allows me to set up the phone, easily know where it is and if I need to know the time, I just tap on the phone and I can see the time easily and my phone is charged and perfect in the morning.

Dark Energy has a slew of other great products and they are announcing a solar panel in the very near future that I have already seen and I will be adding to our kit. I like doing business with people that are fun to talk with, carry a smile and who seem actually concerned with building a product that is going to last years and not just a season. We are now an affiliate for Dark Energy and it is because we know this is a product that works year after year. It has worked for us and it will work for all of you.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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