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Deer Hunter’s Edge for iPhone and Android Launched by Laylin Associates Ltd

Revolutionary new technology gives immediate solunar game feeding predictions for your specific location. The patented algorithm includes the influences of barometric pressure and temperature. (Pat. 7,536,375)

Charlottesville, VA (September 2014) — Knowledgeable hunters know that sun/moon positions and moon phase have an important bearing on game animal feeding activity. For many sportsmen, solunar theory – an understanding of the movements of the sun and the moon as they affect animals – has long been an important tool.

Thanks to Laylin Associates’ Deer Hunter’s Edge app, as used in the SpeedTech Instruments Deer Hunter’s Edge instrument, serious hunters can now take advantage of a far superior development of solunar theory. The traditional baseline information about sun and moon influences was once available only by consulting ever-changing, seasonal charts. Also, it did not take into account the important impact of barometric pressure and temperature, or distinguish between the biological behavior of fish and game animals. Today, thanks to a new and sophisticated algorithm, all of this information is now clearly presented in the Laylin Deer Hunter’s Edge iPhone app. A combined total of over 40 years of professional hunting research experience and personal observations contributed to the development of the algorithm used in the app.

This new and intuitive algorithm doesn’t consider merely sun and moon information. Based on GPS data, sun/moon almanac information, local barometric pressure trends and temperature, it calculates and presents hour-by-hour predictions of game animal (undulant) feeding activity – for any location in the USA. The results, plus much other valuable information are clearly shown in the Deer Hunter’s Edge app, offering a powerful, comprehensive tool for hunters to determine the best times to hunt. (Knowing when animals are motivated to feed, or not, also helps the hunter determine what tactics to use, even when the animals are not feeding.)

“For all undulant game animals,” advises David Laylin, CEO of Laylin Associates (formerly dba Speedtech Instruments), “the patented scientific technology of the Deer Hunter’s Edge provides optimized solunar-based innovation for serious hunters.”


  • –  Auto location by GPS, zip code, or map (User adjustable location)
  • –  Hour-by-hour updated predictions based on changing weather conditions
  • –  Predictions include barometric pressure influence (first four hours only)
  • –  Predictions include the effect of temperature
  • –  Sun/moon rise/set times and moon phase
  • –  Current weather and 1 week of future weather forecasts
  • –  Wind speed & direction, visibility and humidity
  • –  12 hour barometric pressure history
  • –  Future predictions through 21st Century
  • –  Feeding predictions are for all species of undulant animals. (Fish feeding predictions are different

    and are presented in the Angler’s Edge App.)

    In addition to being a more accurate tool, the Deer Hunter’s Edge has been developed to be used outdoors. Specifically, we experimented at length with making the app as readable in direct sunlight as possible. We chose the color green to provide the best contrast on your smartphone screen.

    There are many tables, charts, and calendars which claim to predict daily feeding activity of game animals. There’s only one truly scientific Deer Hunter’s Edge!

About Laylin Associates, Ltd

Laylin Associates, formerly Speedtech Instruments, is pleased to continue offering our patented hunting &

fishing computers and portable depth sounders. For more than 20 years, we have specialized in portable

electronics, measurement, monitoring devices and now mobile apps, and distribute our products

worldwide. Established in 1992 as a distributor of water flow and air/wind speed instruments, we

expanded to develop and manufacture unique, patented and portable water, wind and weather

instruments for consumers and professionals in the field. We are proud of our research and development

to find new methods to record and monitor environmental data.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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