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DOGTRA T&B DUAL Electronic Dog Collar Review

The search for the right collar began about a week after Miko (our Drahthaar) got home. After a pretty extensive search through all of the available collars in the market, we settled with the T&B DUAL from Dogtra.  We chose this collar because the goal is to have two pups hunting with us in the field down the line, and the dual dial advanced system that Dogtra has created allows us to have a separate dial for each dog.

  We purchased the T&B DUAL 1-DOG system and when we are ready and we have a second pup we will step up and purchase a second T&B Receiver. 

The electronic stimulation levels on the transmitter can go from 1 to 127 in levels of stimulation. Miko is currently ranging from an 11 to about 25 on her collar depending on her focus. Most of her training is done with a vibrate when she is in the zone, and she has never gone above a 45.  With the dual dials and two sets of buttons you can preset the dials for each dog.  Some dogs only need light stimulation and some dogs need higher stimulation but there is no confusion on the transmitter with the LED screen alerting you to what is happening and the level that each dial is set at.  In a given training situation you can adjust the dials for each dog.  This system works for training and beeper mode built specifically for upland hunters with a 1.5 mile range and a single-body receiver/Beeper Horn.  The receiver can provide nick or constant stimulation and HPP Vibration.

Whether you are working on training or hunting with two dogs, this is the collar that can give you all of the features you want in a very easy system to understand.  I don’t have to worry about getting confused as to which button to push to quickly correct the dog that needs it.  I also appreciate the ability to make micro adjustments on the dial to keep the stimulation at just the right amount for each dog.

You can purchase the T&B Dual as a single dog system or as a 2-dog system. The units are compatible with 2700/2702 T&B Receivers for easy upgrades.  The T&B Dual 1-dog system retails at $379.99 and the T&B Dual 2-dog system retails at $549.99. Additional collars are $199.99 and additional transmitters are $209.99.

Over the course of the last five months this system has been in constant use daily. Besides a couple of chew marks on the antenna (I set the receiver down and walked out of the room for five minutes) the entire system has worked flawlessly.  Charging is easy. We charge it at night when Miko is sleeping.  The T&B Dual system worth looking into if your concentration is on upland hunting.

If you would like to get free shipping you can order this directly from Amazon.

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