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DryGuy WideBody Boot and Glove Dryer Review

DryGuy WideBody

No More Wet Boots!

As anyone who enjoys the outdoors knows, wet boots are inevitable. Whether it’s a walk in the woods on a dewy morning, a trek up a snowy mountain, or an accidental slip into a stream, boots get wet.

I had the pleasure of using the DryGuy Wide-Body Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer this winter and I love it! After a morning of shoveling driveways, I placed my boots and my gloves onto the drying nozzles and turned on the DryGuy. Within 30 minutes, the boots and gloves were dry and I was ready to don them once again, this time to go outside with the kids to play in the snow.

The DryGuy Wide-Body dries two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves at once. Simply slide the boots or gloves onto the drying nozzles, select the heat or no heat setting, and turn the timer knob to the desired amount of drying time, up to 180 minutes.

This is perfect for ski boots, winter boots, hiking boots, golf shoes, basketball shoes, and other athletic shoes. Not only does the DryGuy dry footwear for a quick turnaround of use, drying your footwear after use helps prevent bacteria and fungus growth which is the primary cause of odor in shoes. I’ve also used DryGuy to dry out a lunch bag.

DryGuy recommends a minimum of one hour of drying time every time your boots are used. Drying time varies depending on how wet the inside of the boots are, the temperature and humidity of the ambient air, and the size of the footwear. I found 30 minutes to be sufficient for drying my boots and gloves after shoveling the snow.

The DryGuy Wide-Body is great if you have kids, as well. On a snowy day, my kids love to get all bundled up and head outside to play. They stay outside until they are soaked through and cold as ice. Then they come inside, strip off their winter gear, heap it in a pile, and get some hot chocolate. That’s when I put their boots and mittens on the DryGuy Wide-Body. Once the kids have warmed up a bit and played inside some, they are ready to head outside once more. And their boots and mittens are ready, too.

I don’t plan on packing the DryGuy Wide-Body up with my winter gear. With spring and fall scouting and hunting and early summer mornings outside, this drying unit will get year-round use.

Other products from DryGuy includes boot-drying inserts, glove and shoe racks, and various boot accessories for cold weather. Check them out at DryGuy.com.

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