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DURAMAG Expands Options for Marksmen

Thanks to development for a military contract, DURAMAG now offers new options for marksmen in the form of a new 20-round aluminum 5.56x45mm AR magazine. This new magazine follows the familiar contours of a standard 30-round AR magazine, but reduces overall length for prone and bench-shooting situations, and increased comfort when carried on a belt.

The new 20rd SPEED magazine offers the following features and expands the shooter’s options with:

  • Easier handling into and out of rifles and pouches by providing increased surface area to grip.
  • Simplified reloading mechanics for shooters with the familiar curve shooters of 30-round magazines have trained with.
  • Enhanced round presentation angle; reducing projectile contact during feeding for increased accuracy potential.
  • More internal volume than polymer alternatives for superior reliability and resistance to particulate debris, including dust and sand.
  • Color anodizing for accelerated recognition of specialty loads, camouflage integration, or a touch of style.
  • The weight-saving benefits of DURAMAG’s aluminum SPEED line and full suite of DURAMAG’s trademark technologies.

DURAMAG will continue to produce and sell the signature, straight-bodied stainless-steel 20-round magazine in addition to making this aluminum curved military-contract option to the American public.

About DuraMag:

At DURAMAG we design magazines to meet the specific demands of each discipline – combat, law enforcement and sport. We develop solutions to the challenges of our customers in each and every category. To meet the needs of today’s combat conditions we’ve developed a new stainless steel magazine. It outperforms the industry-standard mil-spec aluminum magazine in every test. 

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