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European Mounts by Bare Bones Mounts

Bare Bones Skull Mount
Bare Bones Museum Work

The quality of an exceptional European mount just cannot be beat and Bare Bones Mounts does one of the best jobs I have seen. Bare Bones Mounts offers museum quality skull and bone cleaning using Dermestid beetles to remove 100% of the flesh from the bone and then they finish up with extensive degreasing and whitening. Once they are cleaned they are sealed and saturated with a museum-grade preservative (Polyvinyl Butyral) sealing and protecting the skull and bones with a clean matte finish.

European Mounts have been around for quite some time and some folks like to do it themselves. I am absolutely not one of those people who like the process of prepping horns for mounting on the wall. I love the look of a good taxidermy mount and I love a good European mount but fiddling with skulls after already hunting and then butchering an animal is just not my idea of fun. I have done it in the past, letting it sit out on the fencepost rotting away, boiling and bleaching but it’s just not my favorite and no matter what I end up doing, the look and feel is just not something I ever want to bring in to my house.

Bare Bones Mounts takes care of that process for me because by the time the skull gets back to me, it is absolutely perfect, clean, white and there is no dreaded smell or oily feel from the skull that I would get if I tried to do it myself.

Bare Bones uses only the best Dermestid beetles to accomplish the task of cleaning skulls and bones. These beetles can completely clean a skull and get into the smallest nasal passages and canals without actually damaging the bones in the skull. Large colonies of beetles can clean a properly prepped skull in just a day and can handle large big game like moose in just a few days.

I had a mule deer skull and my mom’s whitetail from 2013 that I sent them out to be cleaned. Both skulls came out exceptionally white and clean and the mule deer skull is hanging in my bedroom at the moment while I decide how I am going to have it hanging in my office.

If you are looking to get your skull cleaned and prepped for a European mount, give the guys at Bare Bones Mounts a call, the quality is exceptional and they can create custom work and plaques to really highlight the quality mount you have.

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Bare Bones Skull Mount
Bare Bones Museum Work

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