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EXPED DURA 8R Sleeping Pad Review

If you could only buy a single sleeping pad for the rest of your life, the EXPED just might be the one you would consider. The EXPED DURA 8R is built for expedition use in the most extreme and cold temperatures. It works well in the heat of summer, but where it really shines is on extreme cold nights where you might be sleeping on cold frozen ground or on snow and you want to be warm. Old bones like mine like to be warm and the EXPED DURA 8R with DOWNMAT TECHNOLOGY makes sure that I don’t wake up stiff and cranky.

The EXPED DURA 8R comes with a 9 cm air cushion in an air mat that packs down to about an 8 inch high by  6 inch container, and it fits well in my pack. It weighs 34 ounces, which could be an issue, but if you plan on hunting and camping in cold temperatures, you know you will not be going in light. The weight is one that I can live with for a sleeping pad that allows me to truly rest from dawn to dusk. 

We loved the Schnozzel Pumpbag that allowed us to get this sleeping pad filled in just under two minutes. Easy to set up and easy to pack down make this sleeping pad one that you will be happy to have in your pack or in the bottom of your canoe.  As a side sleeper, I choose my sleeping pads very carefully because I worry about pressure points on my hips and shoulders and the pads from DURA 8R keeps me comfortable all night long.

EXPED has a long and tremendous history of creating products that are sustainable. All EXPED mats are certified carbon neutral by myclimate. Recycled 75 D/ 170 D brushed polyester face fabric keeps plastic out of landfills, uses less water, energy and carbon during production and keeps our planet a little cleaner.

Did we mention how much we like that Schnozzel Pumpbag?  No more out of breath blowing into your sleeping bag which keeps moist air out of your pad, thus creating a warmer night’s sleep. The EXPED’s DOWNMAT TECHNOLOGY, with 700 cu in of down insulation for use in all seasons, ensures that you are going to be warm from head to toe. Shop locally or buy your DURA 8R direct from Expedusa.com.


EXPED DURA 8R Specifications:
Main material
75 D/170 D recycled polyester
Oeko-Tex® 100 certified
700 cuin/oz down
RDS certified
Mat Technology
Downmat Technology
M: 34 oz
MW: 40.2 oz
LW: 43.6 oz
Packed Dimensions
M: 13 x 6.3 in
MW: 13.8 x 6.7 in
LW: 13.8 x 6.7 in

M: 72 in
MW: 72 in
LW: 77.6 in
Person Capacity
1 Person
Foot width
M: 20.5 in
MW: 25.6 in
LW: 25.6 in
-40 °F
M: 20.5 in
MW: 25.6 in
LW: 25.6 in
Schnozzel Pumpbag
Extreme Cold

Kevin Paulson

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