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Fall Fishing Tips

fishIt’s the most wonderful time of the year: bass fishing season. For fishing enthusiasts, fall means bass are in search of food for the winter; therefore, you can find packs of them swimming beneath the surface, and you can catch as many as you like. There are several factors you’ll need to consider before you proceed with bass fishing, such as equipment and technique.

One of the most important things to consider is the amount of competition you’ll face from the shoreline. You’re not the only bass fishing enthusiast, and the more poles present the less fish you’ll catch. Before you head out, consider the benefits of a boat, such as pontoon fishing boats. Boats ensure competition is limited and helps you catch some more fish.

Choose the Best Fishing Gear

Undoubtedly the most vital took when you’re fishing is your gear. A high-quality fishing rod is essential, as is strong line and bait. The rod you choose (light or heavy, graphite or fiberglass) needs to have a firm handle and it absolutely must be in compliance with the bait you plan to use. If you get a snag, you’ll need to cut the line, which is why it helps to have extra line on hand.

In terms of bass fishing, you have near limitless options when it comes to lures and bait. Plastic and real worms work great, followed by spinnerbait and sometimes even a piece of corn will do the trick. Among the most effective options are plastic fluke baits, buzzbaits, and grubs.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Technique

Sure, bass are abundant this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you’ll catch one. Unless you make the right moves, you’ll return home empty-handed (empty bucketed?).

It’s recommended for bass anglers to fish during the pre-spawn period. This is when bass fish can be found in shallow pools, where they move to feed and nest. Bass pre-spawn when water temperatures are 50 to 65 degrees, so the times when they pre-spawn are going to vary depending on if you’re in the north or south. In fall, northerners are going to find their best fall bass fishing is done off the side of a boat. Southerners may find it’s the perfect time to wade in and cast out.

Double check your supplies (extra lines, bait, etc.), and head out before the sunrise. The earlier you can fish for bass the better.

How do you pitch your rod? Are you sure your technique is best? Use the flipping technique, which is slightly more demanding than pitching, but is almost certain to catch you some fish. It requires a lot of practice, but if you’re able to pay close attention to dropshotting and get your bait in the water without disturbing the bass grouping, you’ll go home with plenty of fish.

Autumn is the perfect time to catch bass. With the right gear and technique, it’s easy to fill buckets with large and small mouth bass. Autumn is feeding time, so they’re easy to catch and guaranteed to be traveling in large packs. The most essential ingredient for an unforgettable bass fishing experience is a good friend to enjoy the time.

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