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Fenix Lighting LD75C Flashlight Review

Fenix Lighting LD75C flashlightWe had the opportunity to test out the LD75C Fenix flashlight for about 60 days through April and May and we are smitten. The LD75C is basically overkill for just about every single task we have. There is a tremendous amount to be said for having way more light than you need and this flashlight provides that power in droves.

We used this light for a Girl Scout campout, tasks around the house and on a couple of hunting trips for spring gobblers as well as a coyote hunt in western Nebraska. In every situation the light outperformed anything we have had the opportunity to use in a hand held flashlight. The LD75C is 6.3 inches and shoots out over 4200 lumens at 1608 feet. With over nine modes of output including five power settings and four color outputs (red, green, blue and white) it fits just about every single use you could want in a flashlight with absolute overkill on every setting.

This flashlight uses four 18650 rechargeable Li-ion or eight 3v CR123A Lithium batteries. It is made with aircraft aluminum weighing in at 15 oz. excluding the batteries. The entire unit is simply the best flashlight we have tested. However, it has one massive drawback: it’s absolutely not cheap. Fenix sells this light at $284.00, a price that is out of the market for most of our readers. I really want this light but it’s just not something that I can justify this year. That really disappoints me. I would like to say that I plan to add it to my pack and that every one of you should buy one too, but not every one needs this great of a light. I will wrestle with this same question for the next several months. Do I really need this light or do I just want it?


Fenix Lighting LD75C flashlight


Kevin Paulson

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