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3 Reasons Seasoned Anglers Choose the FishAngler App

Finding the best tools for your next fishing trip out is about more than the bait you choose and the rod you pick. It’s about having the resources to make you a better angler—and fishing is a lot more fun when you’re good at it. 

There’s no better resource out there than the pros. After all, it’s not about what you know, but who you know. If you want to find the pros, you’ve got to go where the pros are, and that’s on the fishing app FishAngler. Here’s three reasons why.

1. Open Access to a Community of Fishing Pros

Whether your favorite fishing trips are solo or partnered, you never have to go without the experience of all your favorite anglers in your back pocket—literally. One of the ultimate features that marks Fishangler as the best fishing app on the market today is its unlimited access to a community of anglers around the world. From favorite fishing spots, top-performing bait, and even favorite times of day to fish, anglers in the community upload photos of their catches along with everything they used to reel them in. Not to mention any tricks of the trade they leave in their captions exclusively for their fellow fishing followers.

FishAngler isn’t the only app to have such a rich pool of social sharing capabilities. Fishbrain is a popular app that sport similar social feature; the difference is that FishAngler doesn’t hide theirs behind a pay wall. FishAngler is known to be the best fishing app for anglers, by anglers, which makes it the ultimate tool for not only building your skills, but your community as well. 

2. Data-Packed Features for Fish-Packed Coolers

It’s not just the pros with the deep wells of knowledge, though. In the same way Fishbrain keeps its community behind locked doors, so it keeps its most useful data-mining tools as well. FishAngler unlocks the best-kept secrets of the most skilled anglers out there by compiling the data and trends of anglers everywhere and delivering them directly to your smartphone. With data trends for best catches in your favorite body of water, there’s no pond, lake, or river that you can’t master.

3. Beat Your Personal Bests With Trend Tracking

FishAngler also lets you keep a personal log (that can be shared or kept private) to help the most serious anglers detect trends in their own experiences. Like the addictive features runners and athletes love about their smart watches and health-tracking tech, the latest and greatest fishing apps are giving novice and professional anglers alike the personalized data they need to maximize their catches on each and every fishing trip.

Choosing the Best Fishing App for You

Whether you discover you catch the best crappies in that one secret cove or the biggest lake in town, you’ll learn quickly through your own trial and error and before you know it, you’ll have your own tips and tricks to share with the novices that begin to look to learn from you. The key to learning quickly and enjoying your fishing trips that much more is finding the tools and community to help you along the way—and FishAngler is a great place to get started.

You can find the app on both iOS and Android

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