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FoodSaver® GameSaver® brand: Wasting Game is a Shame

FoodSaver SilverHave you ever watched a neighbor or relative clean out their freezer before hunting season? From careless storage to freezer burn, package after package of last year’s harvested game is often needlessly tossed aside due to a common culprit: air.


Traditional packaging methods that use lock-top bags, twist ties or even freezer paper, often fall short of an air-tight seal. And freezer burn is species non-specific. It claims deer, pheasant, quail and other game with equal zeal due to improper storage techniques.


Hunters and anglers across the country are now turning to a high-quality sealing system that is both durable and easy to use. By storing frozen game in high-quality, vacuum sealed storage  bags the game will be kept fresh up to five times longer than traditional packaging methods. Available in three different models to fit a variety of applications,  FoodSaver® GameSaver®  sealing  systems do just that.


Sporting an iconic Mossy Oak® Breakup Infinity® camouflage pattern, the FoodSaver® GameSaver® Bronze G300 readily appeals to the outdoor enthusiast. Aside from aesthetics, the base of the unit tilts to a vertical position — providing versatile storage in the home or garage. With a quality, tight seal, the Bronze G300 is a great fit for smaller processing that is typically performed in a kitchen or on other countertop areas.

When there is a need for on-the-go packaging, FoodSaver® GameSaver®’s Silver G500 is an excellent choice. In addition to its standard AC power cord, this unit also comes with a 12-volt adaptor cord that allows it to be plugged into any standard vehicle power port. Its rugged shell, large operating buttons and grab-and-go handle add to the Silver G500’s portability and support its ability to provide up to 25 consecutive seals, while in the field, without overheating.


For large processing jobs, such as packaging an elk or several pheasants from a large group hunt, FoodSaver® GameSaver®’s new Titanium G800 vacuum sealing system is up to the task. This model can perform up to 100 consecutive singles seals without overheating and also features two heating strips that can provide a double seal for added security. In addition, the Titanium G800 seals storage bags up to 15-inches-wide, compared with the standard sealer’s 11-inch-wide sealing strip, to preserve a more bountiful harvest.


All three FoodSaver® GameSaver® models have built-in bag cutters to make customized packaging quick and easy. For added convenience, they also include a patented, removable drip tray that is dishwasher-safe and captures excess moisture while in-use.


In the packaging process, using a quality storage bag is equally important to the vacuum sealing system. FoodSaver® GameSaver® storage bags have specially designed channels that allow for the complete removal of air and their multi-layer construction resists punctures and tearing to create a tight barrier around the food. The bags are BPA- and phthalate-free, and come in a variety of sizes to meet hunters’ and anglers’ individual needs.


Most outdoorsman will agree it is both a waste and disservice to game animals when food has to be thrown out because of improper packaging. So, when heading out to hunt this season: plan ahead. Making the most of your harvest guarantees a fresh, delicious meal that can be enjoyed months, even years, after it has been stored in the freezer.


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Freshness Information


Traditional Storage (Freezer)

Venison                                   3-4 months

Game Birds                           6 months

Rabbit                                       12 months

FoodSaver® GameSaver® System (Freezer)

Venison                                   2-2½ years

Game Birds                           2½-3 years

Rabbit                                       2½-3 years



Traditional Storage (Freezer)

Salmon, Tuna                       3 months

Grouper                                   3-4 months

Trout, Halibut                     4-6 months

Shrimp                              6-12 months


FoodSaver® GameSaver® System (Freezer)

Salmon, Tuna                       1-1½ years

Grouper                                   1-1½ years

Trout, Halibut                      1-1½ years

Shrimp                                      1½-2 years



Traditional Storage (Freezer)

Flour, Sugar, Rice              6 months


FoodSaver® GameSaver® System (Freezer)

Flour, Sugar, Rice              1-2 years



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