As an avid small game hunter and archer, I tend to find myself chasing after small game, such as rabbits and squirrels, quite often. I also tend to lose a lot of arrows because of this. The SGH, or Small Game Head, by G5 has helped has been my savior. It not only looks cool, but also has all of the features an archer could want. The SGHs are the toughest small game tips I have used so far. I have shot into the dirt and gravel many times and the head looks almost new still! Still, my favorite part of this head is its design. It has three stainless steel “blades,” or more like hooks, that stick outward allowing for a very clean kill. The blades are not razor sharp like a broadhead, but just sharp enough to allow them to easily slice into the intended target. The blade shape also keeps arrows from burying into the grass and dirt to eliminate losing arrows. It even decreases ricocheting on surfaces like gravel or when shooting through branches! These heads usually run about $8 each. It seems expensive for a small game head, but when you are constantly losing arrows when you aren’t using these heads, it is well worth the investment! Check the SGH’s out on G5’s website,