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Gamo® Aftermath® Bone Collector® Slingshot Review

Gamo Sling ShotThe Gamo Aftermath Bone Collector Slingshot is one of the newest offerings in the Gamo Bone Collector Line and this slingshot is one heck of a fun addition to that line up.

The Aftermath Slingshot comes with a flashlight, site pin and the cool addition of a laser sight along with a feed built into the handle for ammunition and has a well built pouch for the sling with a magnet built in that holds the shot in secure and tight so there is no question about the accuracy of this slingshot.  Now we have fired a fair number of slingshots in our day and with this type of slingshot with a handle and brace we have found this unit to be pretty darn accurate.  While we could not get the laser to be dead on accurate we were able to be pretty darn close

The Gamo Aftermath Bone Collector Slingshot is a great introductory tool to family arsenal and makes a great gift item.  The uniqueness of this slingshot will keep the family entertained.  I took the slingshot out to the local pond and made a pretty good effort on frogs with it.  While we did not get a frog with the slingshot we absolutely had a blast with the flashlight and laser pointer on this unit and scared the Bejeezus out of quite a few frogs and had the kids in absolute fits laughing as we tried over and over again.

At less then $50.00 this is a bargain and can teach a bit of instinctive shooting and is a whole lot of fun for dad’s, Kid’s and even mom’s.

The Gamo Aftermath Bone Collector Slingshot!!




Kevin Paulson

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