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The Bullet Bunker to Carry on Tradition of Building the Industry’s Best Bullet Traps

unnamed (9)Gary Mol’s Bullet Bunker has announced it has acquired The Original Bullet Bunker. The new name of the company moving forward will be The Bullet Bunker®. The new company will combine the knowledge and heritage of each of the companies in order to continue to create the most reliable and safe bullet-stopping traps available on the market. Uniquely constructed to capture entire bullets, the Bullet Bunker design is also the most environmentally friendly bullet trap, creating no by-products or deflections, which means no lead debris or dust and no fragmentation.

Co-owners Gary Mol and Chris Price both saw an opportunity to integrate two great companies by acquiring The Original Bullet Bunker. “Both brands deliver great products, and we look forward to taking the new company to the next level,” said Gary Mol, Vice President of Product Development.

The Bullet Bunker uses the scientific principal of inelastic collision in order to stop anything you can fire whether you’re shooting .17 Rimfire, .44 Magnum, 460 Weatherby Magnum or 25mm Cannon. The Bullet Bunker products feature a specially designed rubber face built with layers of ballistic fabric laminated within the rubber. This ballistic fabric is constructed of a bullet-stopping polyester-nylon blend similar to fabrics used in bulletproof vests. Behind this stands a specially engineered medium, which is ultimately loaded into a steel box. All this contributes to bullets being stopped quickly and mostly intact.

Because The Bullet Bunker is portable, it is perfect for gunsmith, police, sport clubs, forensic labs, military and more. The Bullet Bunker uses engineering smarts and innovative design to safely slow down and halt bullets without spray or fragmentation. The specially designed face of rubber is able to take tens of thousands of rounds being fired into it without needing to be replaced. With the recent incorporation of modern steel fabrication, which resulted in improving overall strength of the units by 45-70 percent, the company is continually improving its design in order to create the most effective and efficient traps possible.

The company which has sold thousands of bullet traps to individual gun enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies, the military, research labs and shooting organizations alike, will continue to operate out of its 100,000 square foot manufacturing facilities in Norwalk, Ohio.

The Bullet Bunker is the leading manufacturer of bullet traps for indoor and outdoor firing ranges. For personal or commercial use, the bullet traps are completely designed and manufactured in the United States. The company offers 23 models for virtually any and all types of ammunition. Founded by Gary Mol in 2008, the company’s innovation team includes former and current military and law enforcement personnel, who alongside civilian shooters are dedicated to developing the most advanced, most effective and safest bullet collection and disposal systems, period.

For more information on Bullet Bunker, visit http://www.garymolsbulletbunker.com or contact the company at: (419) 660-0228 • info@thebulletbunker.com


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