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GATORZ Eyewear Mother’s Day Collection

Just in time to find the best gift for Mom, Gatorz Eyewear releases its Mother’s Day Collection. Equipped with limited-edition releases, perfect for Mom, the Collection consists of different combinations of frames and lenses as well as frame Cerakote options. 

The frames include the popular Skyhook, Delta and Stark, and are paired with the option of pink polarized mirrors, champagne polarized mirrors, silver polarized mirrors or smoke polarized lenses. Rose Gold Cerakote and Pink Champagne Cerakote options are also avaliable. 

The Mother’s Day Collection is here for a limited time, learn more about all it has to offer and find the right eyewear with our Lens Guide below. 

Lens Color Guide

Pink Polarized Mirrors – Include a rose base that increases visual depth of field and highlights contrast, enhancing detail. These are great options for driving and/or action activities.

Champagne Polarized Mirrors – Include a brown base that blocks high amounts of blue light to heighten contrast and visual acuity. Particularly useful to improve contrast on grass and against blue skies.

Silver Polarized Mirrors – Include a gray base which reduces bright light and offers great color perception. Best for sunny days and everyday use.

Smoke Polarized Lens – Heightens true color perception, minimizes glare (especially on the water), and reduces eye fatigue.

American-made, and backed by a lifetime frame warranty, GATORZ frames are built from lightweight, durable, aircraft-grade billet 7075-T6 aluminum and are designed to provide excellent coverage. Both the frame and the nosepiece fully adjust to you, and not the other way around. 

To see more about the Limited-Edition Mother’s Day Collection please visit

About GATORZ Eyewear:

GATORZ Eyewear is a performance eyewear company based in Carlsbad, California. Founded in 1989, they have prided themselves in producing performance eyewear that not only looks good, but is created to last and endure any adventure you take them on. With durability that stands up to the test of the Elite Operators of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), there is nothing GATORZ Eyewear cannot handle. 

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