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Global Rescue – Why would you want it? by Ginny Powell

As someone who has had peace of mind because of Global Rescue, I can answer that easily!  Last year my husband and I hunted Cape Buffalo and Elephant in very remote regions of Mozambique.  We have gone on several safaris in South Africa, and our Professional Hunter (PH) always assured us we would be close to quality health care and emergency aid if needed.  That would not be the case in Mozambique. So we started researching various programs that claimed to assist you in times of trouble.  None measured up to Global Rescue.  It’s something you never want to use, but feel better having it.  It’s good even in the U.S.  As a result of our involvement in Global Rescue, the PH, I mentioned earlier got a corporate package for any of his employees that travel with him to Mozambique.  That means his tracker, his skinner, his cook, are all covered.


Luckily, we did not have to use this service, so I can’t say if it measures up to its claims.  But I’ve researched a lot of similar services, and I won’t travel without it.  An extra level of service is the security services.  Again, no one plans to get injured or sick, nor do they plan to be in an areas of unrest.  Global Rescue is there…. If you need it.


Oh, and if you’re wondering, my husband got a great ol’ dagga boy buffalo with Motsomi Safaris.  The problem elephant I was tracking and hunting eluded us.  The elephant lived to see another day and raided yet one more garden in the village.


Ginny Powell

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