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Guide For Newbies: When is The Best Time To Fish?

A beginner going out of his/her first fishing trip can be very confusing as they might feel like there are no fish in the sea because of how empty the waters are. This is largely due to not knowing that it’s not always a good time to fish and that more experienced fishermen always choose their time very carefully. This article is going to let you know the tiny details you need to take into consideration before heading out on a fishing trip to make sure that you’re always going at a good time. Here are the 5 things you need to keep in mind when picking a time to go fishing

The season

During different seasons you need to expect differences in the times that you’ll go fishing and the fish you’ll find when you do go. For example, fish usually flees towards cooler waters during summer, especially around midday when the sun is scorching hot in the sky. That’s why, if you want to go fishing during the summer, it’s best to do it early in the morning when the waters aren’t as hot. Spring is generally an inconsistent season, much like fall, as fish don’t feed that much during that time due to the surface water not being that food-filled. Winter is a horrible time to go fishing, so it isn’t recommended, unless you’re going ice-fishing, but that’s a whole other story. Each season has its own tactics, but that’s going to be discussed later on.

The time of day

There isn’t one specific time of day that’s the best for every season, however, there’s a specific time of day that’s best for specific seasons. As mentioned before, early morning and after sunset is the best time to go fishing in the summer as the waters aren’t as hot as they are later on in the day. As for spring, the best time to catch fish is usually during sunset as that’s when there’s usually a lot of food for the fish around. You can find fish swimming around the shore in the direction where the wind is most abundant, so head there and you’ll find a huge stack of fish waiting for you. During fall, the fish mostly eat around dusk as they usually go into a feeding frenzy right before winter in preparation for the lack of food they’re about to experience in the next season.

The fish

Each fish has its own art to catching it as they all prefer different settings, different temperatures, and different bait. For example, fishing for trout requires a specific technique that also requires you to do some studying about what the fish likes. If you’re searching for a good guide to catching trout then there are some great trout fishing tips here on this website that combines the information gathered from experienced trout fishermen along with mistakes to watch out for and how to scout for an area that’s rich in trout. Reading up in preparation for a trip to catch a specific fish is the factor that will determine if your trip is going to be successful or not.

The tides

You don’t have to be an expert on tides to understand if they’re going to help you with fishing or not as the rules are pretty simple and easily memorized. You can easily find out the tidal charts by simply googling it along with the location you’re in. Once you do that, simply watch for if the tide is rising or falling as that’s the best time to go fishing. If the tides are high or low, then it’s usually preferred not to go fishing, but if you still really want to then you can look for a shallow area at high tide or a deep end during a shallow tide.

The sky

The times of day are mostly related to the sky, so if it’s midday but it’s really cloudy, then the fish will be just as abundant as they are during dusk/dawn. The sky plays a huge role in maintaining the temperature of the water so keep an eye on it to check if it’s a good time to go fishing.

You can have a surprisingly successful fishing trip at any time, regardless of the weather, but it’s just a lot less likely to happen. That’s why the previously mentioned things to keep track of before you go fishing can really help as you can find a lot more fish if you look for them at the times they’ve shown themselves the most.

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