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Halo Rangefinders: Superior Ranging Technology at the Push of a Button

Grand Prairie, TX (November 2, 2020) Hi-tech is no stranger to outdoors and hunting products. Yet, so much of this technology requires an engineering degree to figure out and use, especially in the field at a moment’s notice.

For this reason, Halo Optics works so hard to make the technology found in its extensive line of rangefinders user-friendly and extremely accessible. At the push of a button-literally-you access the hi-tech that produces hits!  

This Halo Rangefinder technology includes:


When hunting from an elevated blind or hill, over-shooting the target is a real possibility. Shots from these elevated positions encounter less gravitational pull as they’re already traveling downward. The tendency is for the projectile (arrow or bullet) to pick up speed and arc over that deer or elk. 

Halo rangefinders with built-in Angle Intelligence automatically calculate the “angle compensated distance” between hunter and target. Over-shooting is a thing of the past. 


At the press a button, a hunter has an accurate range reading-almost immediately. And Halo’s newest rangefinders continue to reduce acquisition times, at up to two times faster than previous models.


Lock in multiple targets at different yardages quickly and accurately in the Scan Mode. Hold down the button and scan, and target distances are automatically determined and presented. Scan Mode delivers up to four distance readings per second. Extremely handy for the spot and stalk hunter moving into position, who can then adjust his or her approach on the fly as target ranges change.  

Found in most of Halo’s models, glass lenses are 20-percent more efficient than standard lenses. This means maximum ranges and acquisition times are just about as close to perfect as possible.


The design intention behind Halo rangefinders’ unique aesthetic isn’t just to look good but to fit the hand securely and comfortably and to become an extension of the hand. The complexities of the natural grip and finger pressure points have been studied to provide ultimate comfort and enhanced user performance. 


Halo rangefinders are ready for hard use in the field, including dealing with the elements. Halo took special care to protect the inner workings of every unit with a durable, water-resistant body, able to weather the storm. Literally.

Halo delivers all of this careful thought and user-friendly technology, at prices well below the competition. That’s the Halo Rangefinder difference.

Never compromise, never miss with Halo® Rangefinders. Whether you are out in the woods hunting or on the golf course, we have the rangefinder for you.

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