It’s squirrel season here on the prairie and this year my goal is to put together a rifle specifically for hunting squirrels, rabbits and varmints. With the acquisition of the Varmint Express .17 HMR rifle, I am halfway there. I have spent some serious time shooting this rifle, but I still need to mount a scope on it. That’s the other half.


I chose the Varmint Express specifically because of the .17 HMR round. In addition, the rifle holds 11 rounds in the magazine. With a short 20- inch barrel and a Monte Carlo stock, my eyes are held up high and I look straight down the barrel quickly and easily. I want a rifle to shoot squirrels from a solid distance and deliver the power for rabbits, coons, squirrels and foxes. The .17 HMR round is a .17 caliber on a .22-magnum case and provides a muzzle velocity of 2,550 feet per second. This is a flat shooting son of a gun.


Once my Varmint Express rifle is scoped and set up, it will become my go-to gun for small game hunting. I am even looking forward to the end of rifle deer season because come December I will be a rabbit- and squirrel-hunting fool with this rifle. With a 12-round capacity it will be fun to load up the rifle, take a walk and come back with a couple of rabbits and squirrels from each farm. In the meantime, I am shopping for a scope.


If you are looking for a great rifle that is an absolute blast to shoot with long range capability along with easily and readily available ammunition, take a serious look at the Henry Varmint Express .17 HMR. This is a serious rifle that can reach out and touch at long distances. This rifle will be great with the kids on our adventures on the farm. It has the distance, is easy to mount to the shoulder and works with my little left handed, left-eye dominant shooters and it looks great. Most importantly this rifle is fun to shoot and isn’t that really the point?


Check out the Henry Varmint Express .17 HMR.