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Heritage Celebrates “Year of the Rimfire” with Rough Rider Rebate

Heritage Manufacturing, Inc., producers of the classic-style Rough Rider series single-action revolvers, has declared 2022 the “Year of the Rimfire.” To kick off the celebration, Heritage is offering a mail-in rebate on all small-bore Rough Rider handgun purchases.

With the renewed interest in rimfires for plinking, small-game hunting, training, and “something a little different,” Heritage is presenting a $20 mail-in rebate offer to help qualifying buyers to get in on the fun. From now through March 31, 2022, buyers of small-bore Rough Rider single-action revolvers can submit an online form to receive a $20 rebate in the mail.

Heritage Rough Rider’s small-bore revolvers bring back the spirit of the Old West with their single-action styling, classical interchangeable grips, .22 LR- and .22 WMR-chambered cylinders, multiple barrel lengths, and numerous sight and finish options. These revolvers are suitable for everyday ranch and farm carry, a fun time on the range, collecting, or to complete a western-themed display.

Visit your Heritage dealer to see the Rough Rider single-action rimfires for yourself or visit for “Year of the Rimfire” rebate details and to learn more about the Heritage Rough Rider series.

About Heritage:

Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. proudly produces western-style revolvers in the Small- and Big-Bore Rough Rider Series. These time-tested, traditional western firearms are made affordable in .22 LR and .22 Magnum. No Heritage Rough Rider Revolver is manufactured without outstanding craftsmanship, accuracy, and quality as the cornerstone. Learn more at

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