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HEVI-Shot Ammunition Launches All-New HEVI-Metal Xtreme Waterfowl Loads

HEVI-Shot is proud to launch a new product line for waterfowl hunting: HEVI-Shot’s all-new HEVI-Metal Xtreme. The new loads feature a layer of HEVI-Shot’s original 12 g/cc HEVI-XII tungsten pellets (30 percent) stacked over steel pellets (70 percent) in the same shell. The new loads also feature the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad for consistent long-range patterns and is set to high velocities. These new loads are available in four total options, in 12- and 20-gauge.

HEVI-Metal Xtreme | Hevi Shot

“For 2023, HEVI-Metal Xtreme is our new product that I am most enthusiastic about,” said HEVI-Shot Product Manager Scott Turner. “Our original HEVI-Shot 12g/cc density tungsten shot stacked on top of precision steel pellets certainly makes for a powerful load. That leading layer of 12 g/cc density tungsten hits 53-percent harder than the steel layer.”

Two product design elements really make this new product standout. The dense, 12 g/cc tungsten pellets are three shot sizes smaller than the steel pellets to ensure the two layers of different shot types have similar downrange performance. The FLIGHTCONTROL FLEX wad is a rear-braking wad designed to improve pattern density and consistency. It can be used with any steel-rated choke—ported or non-ported alike.

“We took our Pattern Density Technology one leap forward by utilizing the venerable FliteControl Flex wad,” continued Turner. “I think the FLIGHTCONTROL FLEX wad is the magic ingredient that makes this load even more impressive. I am extremely confident that any hunter that tries it will agree. Hunters owe it to themselves to give it a shot!”

HEVI-Shot’s new HEVI-Metal Xtreme product line consists of four total load options, which are: 12-gauge, 3-inch, 1-1/4-ounce, 1,450 fps (No. 4 tungsten and No. 1 steel); 12-gauge, 3-inch, 1-1/4-ounce, 1,450 fps (No. 6 tungsten and No. 3 steel); 20-gauge, 3-inch, 1-1/16-ounce, 1,350 fps (No. 4 tungsten and No. 1 steel); 20-gauge, 3-inch, 1-1/16-ounce, 1,350 fps (No. 6 tungsten and No. 3 steel).

HEVI-Metal Xtreme is alloyed and loaded in Sweet Home, Oregon, U.S.A. It features all-season reliability, quality components, hotter primer, and clean-burning propellant. It is available in 25-round boxes; MSRP: $59.99.

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