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Trimble Outdoors Launches 2015 Hunting Maps


Trimble Outdoors today launched 2015 hunt unit maps across its suite of web, mobile, and printed map products. Hunters can now access more than 2,000 hunt unit boundaries in 11 Western states for the upcoming big-game hunting seasons.

From trip planning to GPS navigation and waterproof printed maps, Trimble Outdoors provides hunters the maps they need to find hunting areas and to navigate in the field with confidence.

The updated game management unit (GMU) maps are available for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Hunting Maps can be viewed on a computer, smartphone, and tablet. Or, they can be printed on waterproof paper and directly shipped to your doorstep.

Mobile Maps & Online Maps
Go anywhere with any mobile device with Trimble Outdoors. With one-click, instantly download offline hunting maps onto an iPhone or Android device. Once installed, you can see your GPS location, hunt unit borders, and view detailed topographic maps—all off-the-grid. No cell towers required. Overlay public lands and private land details to see land boundaries and owner information. Mark waypoints, collect tracks and photos, and navigate to points with the GPS-enabled mobile app too.

In addition, hunting zones can be viewed in Trip Planner, an online map editing tool at Use Trip Planner to pre-plan and scout locations by consulting 11 different map types and overlay public and private lands borders. Use the maps to find water and food sources, corridors for wildlife, and breaklines in terrain and coverage. Add waypoints, draw routes, and sync all the GPS data to a smartphone or tablet. Print maps on home printer too.

Hunting Maps for mobile and online are included with Elite and Platinum subscriptions or with any Memory Card purchase. Prices start at $29.99. More info:

Printed Maps
Order a large-format waterproof printed map of your hunting unit at, a sister website to Trimble Outdoors. Printed maps are available by specific hunting unit. Or, customers can customize printed maps by picking their preferred map type (topo or aerial), overlays (public land borders, private land borders, updated forest roads, and map size (18” x 24” to 5’ x 8’).

Printed maps start at $12.95. More info:

Hunting Unit Coverage by State:
Arizona: 80 hunt units; all species

California: 84 hunt units; antelope, big horn sheep, deer, elk
Colorado: 287 hunt units; big horn sheep, deer, elk, mountain goat
Idaho: 99 hunt units; all species
Montana: 433 hunt units; antelope, big horn sheep, black bear, elk, deer, mountain goat, moose
New Mexico: 70 hunt units; all species
Nevada: 124 hunt units; all species
Oregon: 67 hunt units; all species
Utah: 169 hunt units; antelope, big horn sheep, deer, elk, mountain goat
Washington: 150 hunt units; all species
Wyoming: 488 hunt units; antelope, big horn sheep, elk, mule deer, moose, whitetail deer

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