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Huntinglife to Attend First Annual Squirrel Master Classic By: Justin Morrissey

Squirrel Master Classic

Today is the start of the first annual GAMO Squirrel Master Classic in Montgomery, Alabama. The Squirrel Master Classic is sponsored by Gamo and is bringing in TV show hosts and media members from around the country, including


As an avid squirrel hunter, I was thrilled when Kevin Paulson, CEO of, called me up and asked me to take his place in the event. My passion for hunting was first ignited while squirrel hunting as a kid, so I don’t turn down opportunities to relive my childhood pastimes. Participants at the Squirrel Master Classic will surely bring up some memorable stories from the past. It should be a blast!


GAMO, the primary sponsor of the event, is a manufacturer of quality air rifles. The company is hosting the event and supplying each participant a GAMO air rifle to use on the hunt. At this point, I am not sure which GAMO air rifle model participants will be using. I’m looking forward to testing their products in the field amongst other professional hunters.


The participants will be split into six teams. Outdoor TV celebrities from “Bone Collectors”, “Addicted to the Outdoors”, and others will be grouped with various media members from around the country. I am anxious to see who my fellow squirrel hunting partners will be.


The hunt will be captured by the Bone Collector and Jackie Bushman film crews, and will be broadcasted on national television. The media members are covering the event through their various media outlets, including social media.


Personally, I am going to give it my all in this competition. Some may consider it a silly squirrel hunt for TV, but I want to win it. We are not only going to enjoy a fun hunt that will remind us of our childhood pastimes, but also compete among some of the most well known hunters in the industry.


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