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Hydrapak SoftFlask Review

SoftFlaskFor those of us on the go and in need of a lightweight, space-saving container for water, Hydrapak offers its SoftFlask collapsible water bottle. The SoftFlask bottle is an easy-to-use hydration flask that packs tightly and conforms efficiently for handy storage and transport.



The body of the flask is made of flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) that collapses as you drink, making the bottle itself take up less volume. The flexible material also allows you to store the bottle in any extra space you have in your pack.

In addition, the molded top and bottom provides some shape and lashing options – you can lash or clip your bottle onto your pack, your clothing, or other gear such as harnesses.


The SoftFlask features a 42 mm wide screw cap for easy filling and cleaning. Cleaning is simple. The SoftFlask is dishwasher safe (top rack), though a hand wash using hot tap water and mild soft does the job just fine. I found the bottle easy to wash and, most importantly, quick to air-dry.

Leak Proof

One of the most impressive features of the Hydrapak SoftFlask is its complete lack of leakage. Access to the water involves a twist locking mechanism that ensures “no-leak” transport. In fact, there are two leak-proof valves: the twist on/off valve and the bite valve. Each on its own prevents leaking, but together both valves pretty much ensure that water will not leak in your pack. You must first twist the cap to the on position, then bite the bite valve to get water. In my use, I have never experienced any leakage. An attacked dusk cover keeps the bite valve clean.

The SoftFlask by Hydrapak comes in three sizes: 350 ml. (12 oz.), 500 ml. (17oz.), and 750 ml. (25 oz.) I wouldn’t want anything less than the 750 ml. It weighs next to nothing and collapses, making even the largest size negligible when it comes to packing.

The SoftFlask lists for around $20.00, making it an affordable holiday gift for the outdoorsman in your life. And if you are looking for that last little gift for your kid, I can tell you from experience that every middle-school aged kid wants one. They think it’s “COOL!” They love the feel of the collapsible material. They can shove it in their school backpack and lay it down like a blob on their desk. They all wanted to hold it and asked where they could get one.

Check these great water bottles out at www.hydrapak.com and order one (or more) today!

Hydrapak SoftFlask


Stash Collapsible

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