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Icebreaker Merino Wool Gear Review

Icebreaker Merino WoolThe Merino sheep comes originally from Turkey and Castille Spain but Icebreaker Merino comes from New Zealand, where the deep winters provide some of the best wool and wool clothing in the industry.


There is no question that wool and especially Merino wool has been gaining in popularity over the last several years for hunting, hiking and the outdoors and the quality of Merino clothing has been getting better year after year.  Merino provides natural wicking, retains warmth when wet, contains Lanolin which provide antibacterial properties, offers smaller finer fibers and smaller scales which allow the wool to be softer and provide a best in class warmth to weight ratio.


Icebreaker Merino was started in 1994 and has grown dramatically over the last 20 years offering Merino wool clothing for everything from the city to the outdoors.  Icebreaker Merino has grown in popularity because they offer a wealth of designs and options for all types of outdoor sports.  As well Icebreaker works directly with the sheep farmers creating groundbreaking 3 year contracts with each farmer to provide the best care for the sheep and in turn the best wool from each sheep leading to the highest quality in the industry.


We had the opportunity to test out Icebreaker Merino wool all season and this week in Nebraska you couldn’t ask us to wear much else as a base layer when the temperatures are hitting minus 15 to a high of 14 degrees.  Marjorie and I both tested the Icebreaker Merino wool Base Layers and I have also been testing out the Icebreaker Merino Wool Legend Long Sleeve Zip.


Marjorie wore the Icebreaker Merino wool baselayer this year on a Spring backpacking trip in Utah, a pronghorn antelope hunt in Wyoming and I took them over in the fall and wore them on a Mule Deer Hunt in Nebraska and then in Missouri in some of the coldest sets I have hunted in my life.  Marjorie had some of the more active hunts and her backpack trip ranged from below freezing to daily highs in the 50’s and she stated that the baselayer system from Icebreaker carried her heat steadily all day while keeping her dry whether it was carrying the pack in the heat of the day or sleeping in under freezing temps at night.


I have been wearing the Icebreaker Legend Long Sleeve Zip over the past several weeks for everything from stepping out of the house to shovel snow, hitting the grocery store, chopping wood and on date night out on the town.  The jacket looks nice, hangs warm and is easy to care for.  As a part of a layering system the Merino Wool Base Layer, covered with the Legend Zip and an outer jacket and you are basically covered for just about anything thrown your way in the outdoors.


Check out Icebreaker Merino Wool Gear!


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