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I just spent an hour on the phone with Armasight‘s Steve Lemenov this week and honestly felt like we could have talked for hours more. One of the things I love about our industry is getting to spend time learning about your peers. Learning where they came from, talking family, pets, hunting and shooting. I would break bread with Steve anywhere and happily share time with him in the field. On to the interview…

How did you get into the shooting and optics Industry and what did you do before getting into this industry?

My fascination with shooting sports dates back to my childhood, instilling a lasting passion for the industry. Despite my initial career path in Finance and Real Estate after completing university, my desire to immerse myself in this field remained strong. An opportune connection came through my brother-in-law, a Customer Service manager at a prominent night vision company based in the Bay Area. Recognizing the chance for a fulfilling change, I embraced the opportunity even at the cost of a significant pay adjustment.

Embarking on this new journey in 2006 within customer service, my hunger for knowledge drove me to delve deep into optics, platforms, and various accessories relevant to shooting sports. Transitioning into sales, I thrived within the company, continually expanding my expertise. This growth led me to a new role leading the Marketing team for a rewarding six-years.

Now, as a part of Armasight, I am deeply honored to leverage my experience and passion in my current capacity, aligning with our brand’s ethos of professionalism, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to prioritizing our customers’ unparalleled experiences.

What is the best part of your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my role is tackling challenges alongside like-minded individuals who share the same passion for the shooting sports. Operating within a demanding industry presents a multitude of hurdles that we must navigate daily to maintain our effectiveness. This encompasses not only our dedicated colleagues but also extends to our industry partners and relevant entities. Collaboratively, we strive to propel our industry forward.

What advice would you offer people looking to get into the shooting and hunting industry?

Pursue your passions relentlessly, embrace risks, and conquer challenges. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance and foster connections. Our industry thrives on individuals who are driven and enthusiastic, eager to make meaningful contributions within our space.

What are some key skills people should look to cultivate to make them more valuable to employers?

Several skills come into play within our space. Effective communication skills top the list, allowing us to convey ideas and insights seamlessly. Networking ability is equally paramount, enabling the cultivation of robust, enduring relationships that serve as the lifeblood of our industry. As we navigate daily challenges, problem-solving abilities prove indispensable, empowering us to devise innovative solutions that keep us moving forward. In our dynamic landscape, these proficiencies are the cornerstones of success.

How can people who are interested in working with Armasight apply for open positions?

As part of the Ecentria group we have an HR department with posted open roles, which interested individuals can apply to.

Armasight is going through a revival of the company brand.  Tell me about the company and why people should take notice of this brand in the market?

Our distinctive edge lies in our unwavering commitment to engaging end users throughout our product development journey. At the core of our operations is a dedication to US-based design and engineering, enabling us to seamlessly connect with an extensive network of military, law enforcement, and seasoned professionals. Their invaluable insights play a pivotal role in sculpting our product designs and enhancing system operations. Our primary objective is to guarantee that our end users consistently attain an exceptional experience with our products, embodying our brand’s essence of professionalism, innovation, and customer-centricity.

Armasight creates products focused on night vision optics as well as thermal optic solutions.  Let’s delve first into the world of night vision and let’s start with the goggles.  Tell me a little bit about the BNVD PINNACLE NIGHT VISION GOGGLES and how these work.

In the realm of night vision, our Armasight BNVD system stands out as a persistent favorite. Powered by Elbit Systems Gen 3 image intensifier tubes, it consistently delivers unparalleled performance. Coupled with our versatile optical housing, it doesn’t just meet expectations—it exceeds them. This combination of top-tier technology and adaptable design addresses the unique needs of our military, law enforcement, and security professionals, embodying our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

Now specifically for hunters the Pinnacle Night Vision Clip-On scopes are going to be of particular interest, what is it that makes these optics such a great addition to your kit?

Our line of clip-ons, featuring the CO-MINI, CO-MR, and CO-LR, represents an exceptional offering for nocturnal hunters seeking a genuine passive system that seamlessly combines top-tier performance with affordability. These compact, lightweight devices seamlessly integrate with your existing setups and platforms, eliminating the need for time-consuming re-zeroing or extensive training to master their operation. With user-friendliness at the forefront, these clip-ons provide exceptional visual performance and unwavering repeatability on target—without any shift to impact. They embody our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence without compromise to passionate nocturnal hunters. 

Talk to me about the value of the Watchman IR Illuminator in the field while hunting.

The Watchman stands out as a distinctive offering in a crowded Night Vision accessories market. Powered by advanced technology, it’s poised to become the top choice for nocturnal hunters, whether utilizing digital or traditional night vision. Leveraging VCSEL technology, we’ve managed to not only reduce size and weight but also enhance overall output. Through extensive testing, it has consistently outperformed other brands in the market. Offering three levels of brightness and the versatility to manipulate the beam for diverse range requirements, the Watchman exemplifies our dedication to delivering advanced solutions in the night vision space.

What advantages do thermal optics offer?

In simple terms, thermal optics excel in detecting heat, especially in adverse conditions such as complete darkness, fog, haze, or when obscured by light foliage. This proficiency offers hunters a distinct advantage over their targets. Furthermore, thermal optics boast an extended detection range, surpassing other low-light technologies—a significant edge that amplifies the hunt.

What should hunters and shooters who are new to thermal optics look for when selecting a device?

That’s an excellent question, thermal devices remain relatively unknown to many. In the vast realm of online information, navigating through conflicting details can be overwhelming, complicating the process of selecting Thermal equipment more than necessary.

What’s crucial to remember is that technology is in a constant state of evolution. In this rapid progression, the focus should always return to practicality and how a product seamlessly aligns with immediate needs. A product’s true worth lies in its ability to assist you in reaching your goals and leaving you thoroughly satisfied with the results. That signifies a truly worthwhile investment. Bottom line, I would suggest something that is easy to use and dependable. Also, take into consideration after-sales support and the service you will receive if something doesn’t work.

So we have been testing the Contractor 640 3-12X50 Thermal Weapon Sight and going through the process of setting it up on an AR-10 6.5 creedmoor with a silencer for night hunting coyotes on the ranch.  This optic is just best in class and it has been easy to get sighted in and learn the optic.  Tell us from your point of view what separates this unit from others in the market.

What sets the Contractor Thermal Weapon Sight apart in the competitive marketplace? From my perspective, it’s our collaborative approach that truly distinguishes us. While many thermal weapon sights in the market feature standard button pads, we’ve taken a different path by incorporating oversized control turrets. This choice stems from countless user conversations, where challenges with operating other systems—especially while maintaining focus downrange or wearing gloves in the field—were frequently voiced. Our customers often discover and appreciate these deliberate design choices during their hunting or operational ventures, enjoying one of the most remarkable thermal experiences they’ve encountered.

Yet, our story goes deeper. Unlike a number of our competitors, we exercise full control over our core thermal technology. Our proprietary thermal core, ArmaCORE™, serves as the powerhouse behind our thermal systems. It boasts groundbreaking innovations in critical areas like power consumption, processing power, and optimized software. This innovative combination ensures that each component operates at its apex, delivering the highest quality image.

Our commitment to excellence extends to rigorous testing, ensuring our products rise to the occasion. Right from inception, our products and their core components undergo exhaustive environmental and field testing. This meticulous approach is intrinsic to our development process, leaving no stone un-turned to elevate each product to the pinnacle of our uncompromising standards.

And our dedication doesn’t cease upon product launch. The Contractor’s firmware has seen over 3,000 builds and twelve releases, continuously introducing new features, improved imaging, and enhanced performance to our users—all at no additional cost. We remain committed in our promise to deliver consistent optimization, consistently maintaining our products in a class of their own. But there’s more—our commitment to quality is an unwavering principle at every stage. Each unit we meticulously craft undergoes a rigorous round of quality assurance testing. It’s akin to a final nod of approval before we seal it up and deliver it to our valued customers. Be assured, we are resolutely committed to delivering the best customer experience possible.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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