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Interview with Chuck Matasic, President at Kodabow Crossbows

Kodabow CrossbowsQ. It has been about a year since visited your Pennsylvania crossbow manufacturing facility. How is it going?

A.  We have been shipping crossbows and have received plenty of praise from Kodabow owners. The pictures come in every day from hunters who have taken game with their Kodabow…. We are very pleased with the way our crossbows shoot.


Q. What has Kodabow been working on in new products or accessories?

A. We recently launched an accessory rope that allows a hunter to decock a crossbow after the hunt without shooting the crossbow.  This is huge for the ATV hunter who doesn’t want to haul a discharge target to the top of the mountain or see his arrows get hammered by shooting into hard ground.  We think the Kodabow is the easiest crossbow to decock after the hunt.


Q. How hard is it to cock a recurve crossbow?

A. Lighter crossbows are easier to cock so a 185 lb Koda- Express will be easier to cock than our large 225 Big Rhino.

Actually, a 185 lb. Koda-Expess will kill any animal in North America but most hunters tend to buy more bow than they need. You see the same thing in vertical bows. We have a very slick mechanical cocking aid that takes this issue off the table. Next month, providing we stay on schedule, we will offer a small crank device that easily slips on and off our crossbow that will allow the hunter to use a handle, ratchet wrench or even a battery powered drill to cock their crossbow. We posted up a video on YouTube and advance orders quickly started coming in.


Q. What do hunters like about Kodabow?

A. The crossbows don’t break and stand up to rugged hunting use. We find that the more time a hunter spends in the woods with a Kodabow, the more they like the crossbow. I mean really like it. Some of the design features are easier to appreciate when using Kodabow in actual hunting situations. Take our EL-2 sling for example. There is no better way to carry a cocked crossbow long distances yet be ready to deploy the crossbow to take a quick shot. This is really huge for the still hunter or turkey hunter. We have some simple elements designed into the crossbow such as “no sling swivels” to reduce noise.  Hunters find the numerous features on the crossbow to be very useful. They like the anti-dry fire system, the safety system, the quietness of the crossbow at the shot and the superb accuracy.


Q. How accurate are these crossbows?

A. Very accurate. So accurate and so comfortable to use that I will pick up my Kodabow during firearms season but restrict my shooting to typical archery ranges – 20, 30, 40 yards. No more than 50 yards. Shot placement is so critical with archery equipment. After spending some time with a Kodabow, your confidence builds. I killed a deer a few days ago at a distance of 20 yards with my Kodabow. The shot placement was perfect and I watched the animal run 40 yards and drop. Out to 50 yards, I have as much confidence in my Kodabow as I would in my deer slug gun – actually more confidence. Kodabow will group better on target.




Q. Are there any other factors about Kodabow that we should think about?

A. We are a USA company. In fact, we are veteran owned and making a product that is at the quality level of a fine firearm but sells at a moderate price point. You can buy a Kodabow package for as little as $899.00 and be in the woods that afternoon once you add your favorite broadheads. I think the USA manufacturing is very important. That means we are actually making the crossbow here and a lot of it is made right in Pennsylvania. There has been enough said about the economy but this type of approach is our country’s pathway to a better future.


Q. Any pictures?

A. Here is Patrick Elswick with a large bear taken with his 200 lb Bravo Zulu Kodabow. Nice bear and nice crossbow.

Check out the great folks at KODABOW

Patrick Elswick


Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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