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Introducing the New Brownells Gunsmith Vise: Forged Strength with Essential Accessories

Brownells is pleased to announce the launch of the Brownells Gunsmith Vise, a superior, heavy-duty bench vise designed to meet the exacting needs of professional gunsmiths and enthusiasts alike.

The Cornerstone of Any Workbench
A sturdy vise is the cornerstone of any gunsmith’s workbench. Essential for securing and positioning firearms or subassemblies, the new Brownells Gunsmith Vise delivers unmatched strength and durability. Forged in Germany, this vise is engineered to handle the most demanding tasks with precision and reliability. 

Superior Strength and Durability

  • Forged (not cast) for extreme strength and durability
  • Precision-aligned jaws with hardened faces
  • Optional bases and easy-to-swap jaw inserts are available
  • Manufactured in Germany

Forged from high-grade steel, this bench vise is built to last. The forging process ensures exceptional strength. The 4¾” jaws are precision-aligned with hardened steel faces, capable of withstanding high torque without flexing, making it ideal for removing or installing barrels.

Versatility and Customization
The base jaws of the vise are reversible and replaceable, offering both smooth and “checkered” texture faces to suit various tasks. Magnetic jaw inserts, available separately, provide additional customization for specific work. The vise can be bolted directly to a workbench or used with optional rotating bases for added flexibility.

Compact Yet Powerful Design
This vise strikes the perfect balance between size and functionality. It is large enough for major jobs but compact enough not to overcrowd a workbench. The green finish pays homage to the classic Brownells Multi-Vise, ensuring tradition and quality. This protective coating also guards against corrosion.

Unmatched Engineering
The vise features a centrally positioned spindle with a double-action, rolled trapezoidal thread for optimal clamping force. Electro-galvanized for corrosion resistance, the spindle assembly includes a precision spindle bearing and forged spindle nut for added strength. The zinc spindle key, with riveted safety rings, can be adjusted via a single screw for ease of use.

Lifetime Guarantee
Backed by Brownells’ Lifetime Guarantee, the Gunsmith Vise offers peace of mind. The forged jaws, drop-forged guide tracks, and robust spindle assembly reflect meticulous German engineering, providing smooth, precise movement and excellent clamping depth.

The Brownells Gunsmith Vise provides the strength, precision, and durability needed to master any project, elevating any gunsmithing setup to new heights. For more information check out this video with Steve and Caleb.

SKU and Pricing Information:

430108303 Vise with Replaceable 4.75in Jaw  $  399.00

430108304 Vise Hydraulic Lift                           $  299.00

430108305 Vise Rotary Direct Mount Base       $    99.00

430108306 Vise Rotary Clamping Base            $  169.00

430108307 Polyurethane Prism Jaw                 $    59.99

430108308 Polyurethane Grooved Jaw            $    59.99

430108309 Aluminum Prism Jaw                      $    59.99

430108310 Aluminum Neutral Jaw                    $    59.99

430108311 Fiber Jaw                                         $    59.99

430108312 Rubber Jaw                                     $    59.99

430108313 Felt Jaw                                           $    69.99

430108314 Steel Reversible Replacement Jaw $   59.99

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