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J+S Computer Glasses

As a hunter, it is in my makeup to want to do everything I can to protect my eyes and my ears. Today we are going to talk about eye protection and we are not talking about shooting eye protection but every day working eye protection. I spend a vast amount of my time behind a computer screen so having eye protection from harmful blue light on my computer is incredibly important. The J+S Computer reading glasses are my protection from Blue Light. These glasses also come in non-reading versions for protection against blue light without the added magnification.

Blue Light has been proven to increase vision problems from sore dry eyes to macular degeneration and without healthy eyes it’s hard to make great shots on pheasants, ducks, turkey or long shots through a scope on deer, elk or antelope. Eyes and great vision are a very important part of hunting. The reality is that working is also and important part of hunting because it provides me the revenue that I need to be able to hunt. Spending 4-8 hours a day on a computer is an important part of my career.

The frames fit both small and large heads and offer a spring loaded frame and styles that work for both men and women. I have had the opportunity to wear these for the last 3 months and they are hands and feet better than any other reading glasses that I have worn in the past. I have glasses that I wear when I am not on the computer that are daily wear progressive glasses. However progressive glasses don’t work for long hours of screen time writing and editing. These glasses are high quality readers at a price under $50.00. You can pick them up directly from J+S or you can order them from Amazon. If you need readers in order to view your computer these are great. If you are just looking for computer glasses to protect your eyes from harmful screen, J+S has the glasses to keep your eyes protected.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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