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The Jim Shockey Interview

Jim ShockeyWhat motivated you to begin filming hunts so many years ago?

I was unemployable and needed a career. I also felt I could bring people along with me on the adventures I was able to experience.


What is it about hunting that drew you to this lifestyle?

I was unemployable…did I mention that yet?


What conservation organizations do you support and why?

I support all of them. We can never do enough to help wildlife in this world.


Of all of the locations that you have had the chance to hunt, which one was the most exciting to hunt?

For me, the further off the beaten path, the better. And that doesn’t just mean geographically, sometimes it’s off the “cultural” path. For example, places like Ethiopia, Pakistan and Liberia.


Which one was the most difficult to hunt?

Difficult is a dichotomy, a hunt can be “difficult” because of weather, terrain, political strife or animals that can kill you. Central Africa Republic right now is definitely difficult. I had to dodge Sudanese elephant poachers that were attacking hunting camps. Was C.A.R. as “difficult” to hunt as the Arctic in February for polar bears? Arguable.


Which hunt did you learn the most about yourself?

My first backpack Dall’s sheep hunt in the Yukon. 12-days, no food, beaten, cold, tired, depressed and hungry – and yet I dug deep and continued the hunt to the end. That experience confirmed that I was tough enough physically, and more importantly, mentally, to challenge the most difficult hunting adventures.


Of all of the species you have hunted, what is your favorite?

Alaskan Yukon moose in the Yukon. In late August and early September, there isn’t a more beautiful place in the planet than the Yukon – and there isn’t a more magnificent big game animal.


In regards to The Professionals*, how does one go about applying for an internship?

It’s easy. Prove to me that you are willing to forgo comfort, security and the desire for wealth. Then start physical training and don’t stop…ever.

Jim’s newest show will be UNCHARTED that will be debuting on Outdoor Channel in 2014.  We can’t wait to watch this new show and we are excited to see the Debut!!


Fan Questions:

How often do you get to hunt with your daughter Eva and how do you decide when the both of you get to hunt together?

We hunt together as often as we can. At this point in my life, the places that draw me like a moth to a flame are the most remote, dangerous and untamed parts of this planet. So obviously I don’t want Eva to accompany me to those places. But when I’m hunting places that I feel are safe to bring Eva, we absolutely make an effort to be together. I consider her my hunting partner now. I am blessed.


Who is a better shot, you or Eva? And are the two of you competitive when it comes to hunting?

Eva is the best natural shot I have ever seen. NO GUFF!! I don’t lie on “no guff.” She is so incredibly talented when it comes to shooting; it’s actually quite unnerving…or almost unnerving. I think I could fall back on my 30 extra years of experience and beat her in a head to head competition, all things equal shooting contest – I think. As far as competition goes, we actually are not competitive on a hunt. Nothing makes me prouder than when she gets her animal, and she’s not so “trophy” oriented that she would care if I pulled rank and took a shot at an animal that I’d been hunting for three decades. She understands, I understand. Eva is my hunting buddy and this is not a competition.


Have you ever taken an animal with a traditional bow?

One rabbit when I was a teenager. I love the idea of traditional bows but until I have time to practice, and can ethically take a shot at an animal with a long bow; I’ll keep shooting my compound bows.


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Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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