Killzone Hunting Outfitters

This past summer I decided to buy another blind. I knew I wanted a hub style blind that fit into my budget as a college student. I did a lot of research, looking on Ebay, Cabela’s, and anywhere in general. I ran across some blinds by Killzone Outfitter’s that looked very nice and were surprisingly inexpensive. I looked into them more and looked at reviews on them and decided that I was going to try one out. I got it in the mail and couldn’t be happier! It is set up right now for deer hunting and it looks great. The material is very water resistant and durable and there is plenty of room for a hunter and a cameraman. It comes with shoot-through mesh windows and stakes to stake it down. My favorite part about the blind is that the windows are not Velcro, but instead very similar to the Double Bull blinds where the windows just slide down and are held up by the support rods of the blind. These types of windows make it easy to open up and close without making hardly any noise! I would highly recommend this blind to anyone who is looking at buying a blind. No matter what weather you are hunting in and no matter what game you are chasing, for $119.99 you can’t go wrong with the Killzone Outfitter’s Hub Style blind! For more information on this blind and other Killzone Outfitter merchandise, check out

Price: $119.99

Size: 72″ by 72″ wide, 60″ tall

Features: Shoot through mesh windows, realistic camo pattern, scent containment technology, brush-in straps, water-resistant, durable material, 360° viewing, pull down windows, stakes and carry bag included