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Kuiu Mesa Vented Shirt Review by Gunner Hall

In South Georgia, it is not uncommon to have temperatures in the mid-90s on the opening day of dove season. The heat and humidity can be brutal for hunters. This year’s dove season was no different, so I was happy to test Kuiu’s Mesa Vented Long Sleeve Snap Shirt.

Kuiu designed this shirt for hunting in hot weather conditions. South Georgia is just the place to test out a product like this. The KUIU Mesa shirt is made from a 4-way stretch moisture-wicking material designed to push sweat away from your body, and the 4-way stretch material provides unrestricted movement. Both features come in handy while you are bird hunting in hot weather.

The vents on the back and shoulders and the vented underarms provided enough airflow to keep me comfortable all day in the South Georgia heat. Being able to stay cool in hot weather means you will not overheat and will be able to hunt longer.

Zippered pockets are a must-have for any hunting apparel. It is way too easy for me to lose my truck keys, phone, or license while afield. This shirt provides you with two chest pockets. The left pocket is zippered, and the right chest pocket is open. The zippered pocket was not big enough to hold my phone while closed but large enough to secure my hunting and driver’s license. The open pocket held my phone, with just a portion sticking out. It did not burden me from shouldering my shotgun and making those quick shots you are known to cause while hunting doves.

I wanted to try out the tab loops on each sleeve, which makes it easy to roll up the sleeves. The dove field was not the place to do this. The bugs would have had a feast on my bare arms, so I headed to the skeet fields. I could swing through my shots and hit the clay targets without feeling that my sleeves were bunched up and too tight to my skin, which often happens with other rolled-up sleeves.

This shirt is offered in sizes Small, Medium, Large, 2XL, and 3XL and in six different solid colors: Verde Green, Storm, Stone, Olive, Khaki, and Bone. It is also offered in three camo patterns: Valo, Verde, and Vias. If I had one critique, it does not come in taller sizes. Not having tall sizes is common among many clothing brands, and we taller folks adapt, but having that extra length helps.

I am looking forward to having this shirt in my regular rotation of hunting clothing. Especially when I will be hunting birds.  The Mesa Vented Long Sleeve Snap Shirt retails for $109.00. This shirt is worth the price to hunt and scout longer in warm weather conditions.

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