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Lakewood Products C275 41″ Bowfile


Lakewood Products

C275 41" Bowfile

In the archery world, technology is rapidly exploding. Bows are blazing fast, extremely quiet, lightweight, and you guessed it, expensive! Since buying a bow is now a decent investment, shouldn’t common sense tell you to protect that investment? If so, I suggest you look into Lakewood products line of bow cases. Made entirely in the USA, these cases are built to protect their contents for a long time. When I first saw Lakewood Products at the 2011 ATA show, their sleek design and good looks caught my eye. Once I made my way to the booth, I saw what really made these cases top of the line; they are constructed of foam lined heavy-duty material that won’t scratch the inside of your vehicle. Not only will it prevent scratching, but the material is also water repellent, going the extra step to protect your equipment. These cases are so sturdy you can stand on them while being confident your items will be protected. While I wouldn’t suggest doing that, it’s comforting to know that is how strong these cases are! Since bow cases are typically used for traveling, I wanted to make sure this case performed well in all areas of travel. In the vehicle, the case was perfect; it didn’t scratch my car, was slim enough to fit between seats, and if it was tossed around in the back, I could rest assured that my bow was ok. The C275 is also airline approved, making flying a breeze. It has been long known that airlines aren’t the easiest on equipment, not to worry! Lakewood cases will give you the confidence that your bow and other equipment will be adequetly protected against the many harms of flying.

In the field, my first favorite part about the C275 is how compact, yet organized it is. It has compartments for your bow, up to 18 arrows, and even an accessory pouch! All of that with plenty of room to spare means only one thing, great design. The true drop in design allows you to open the top and drop your bow in the case, with the quiver on. Yet another benefit of the C275 is its shoulder strap, which makes carrying the case extremely easy, because it puts the weight on your back instead of on your arm/shoulder. Quite possibly my favorite part of the C275 is the option to customize. At Lakewood Products you can choose from a variety of logos for your cases or even send them your own design.

The C275 comes in black, camouflage or pink camouflage for the ladies.

Don’t go cheap where it really counts. Visit Lakewood Products, where quality, durability, convenience and affordability are found in every case!

C275 Outside Dimensions: L:41" x W:7" x D:15"

C275 Bow Storage Dim: L:40.75" x W:3.5" x D:15"

C275 Outside Dimensions: L:41″ x W:7″ x D:15″
C275 Bow Storage Dim: L:40.75″ x W:3.5″ x D:15″

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Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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