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The Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter & Stealth Bag

Land SharkA few months ago, I got a Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter in the mail to test out and to be honest I have not yet had reason to use it which I think is a pretty darn good thing in my book.  For years I have carried around thermal blankets in my small survival kit that goes with me on every single hunt even when I am hunting within a mile of the truck.  I have acquired a various collection of items that I feel are essential and provide me peace of mind for my safety and for the safety of those around me.

The Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter is now a part of that survival kit although it is absolutely the heaviest item in the kit.  The Land Shark is a survival bag that can act like a thermal sleeping bag and will provide protection on both land and sea.

The first rule of survival in almost all occasions once getting lost or hurt in the outdoors is find shelter, and the Land Shark provides the shelter needed to be able to survive you need to survive.

Some of the features of the Land Shark are:

      • Reversible – Orange/Camo The International Orange color makes an excellent emergency signal, readily visible to search & rescue teams from great distances. Digital Camo provides visual masking for avoiding detection.
      • Composite Reinforced – Ripstop Material Strengthens Land Shark reducing punctures and tears, even while user is wearing heavy boots.
      • Aluminized Film – Combats hypothermia and eliminates infrared emissions for stealth and evasion from high-tech, body heat detection equipment. The aluminized material is also radar reflective for search aircraft, search & rescue teams and high speed vessels moving at night over water.
      • Sea-Dog® Clip and Survival Whistle – Integral tether easily links multiple survivors together during a survival situation at sea. Creates a larger target for search & rescue teams to locate on open water, as well as a whistle to attract attention from great distances.
      • Heat Retention  –  A micro-thin layer of aluminized film reflects up to 80% of radiated body heat – highly effective in combating hypothermia on land or in the water with a life vest on.
      • Vapor Barrier –  Land Shark is completely windproof and waterproof. This barrier prevents body oils, waste and blood from exiting the bag when used in water.
      • Eyelets  –  Eyelets help attach the 550 paracord when making a shelter out of Land Shark.

        International Orange  – Land Shark’s eye-catching color is visible to search & rescue teams from miles away. In water, it provides more than 20 times the visibility of a person in just a life vest.

        An Instant Shelter  –  Simply cut a Land Shark along the seams and prop up its sides to create an incredibly visible, waterproof shelter, which also protects from the sun’s rays.

        550 Paracord Drawstring – Used to create a hood or to close the shelter entirely for maximum protection and body heat retention. In the water, the closed bag helps prevent water ingestion in heavy seas.

      • Military-Grade Construction  – Tightly woven, ripstop reinforced waterproof seams reduce punctures or tears during use.

Land SharkNow I personally hope that I never have to use one of these in a real life situation,  but I can clearly state that I happy to have this as a part of my kit, I have however gotten rid of the cloth case that I keep this in and instead put it into a Red Oxx  Nomad Shave Kit along with my first aid kit and other essentials just to reduce the weight.

If you plan to hunt hard like I do and you expect to be prepared, I highly suggest you look into the Land Shark!!!

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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