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Lander Carry System Review

Lander has built two new adventure packs designed to go off-grid or through the urban jungle of a big city.  The new packs will protect your gear from rain, wind, and dirt, all the while fighting disorganization.  Lander is known for building quality gear and these two new bags are no exception.  With a focus on gear organization, they have come up with a great system that keeps your gear organized and looks great, too.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample to evaluate about 3 weeks ago.  We got the Commuter to test along with a Kit and a Parcel.  I was heading out for a weekend, so I filled the pack with my camera, electronics, computer, chargers and a few essentials.  The Commuter bag has a built-in crash pad to protect my laptop and is sealed with taped, waterproof seams.  In addition, Lander has integrated a full, internal, protected Hot Route Wireway that allows your batteries to sit away from the laptop.  It is easy to run a wire to your computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or other electronic device through a pocket in the back.  It’s genius.

The cargo section opening is large and allows easy access.  The front pocket is large enough to stash everything you need quickly and the soft pocket on top will hold your sunglasses and cell phone and keep them from getting scratched and beat up. Water bottle pockets on both sides, adjustable cargo straps and easy grab handles round out the features of this pack.

The Commuter pack is a grey color that blends in extremely well and looks as great in the forest as it does in the office.

Extra features of the Commuter pack include what Lander calls “The Kit and the Parcel.”  These are essentially two extra and handy parts of the Lander system.  The Parcel is a small bag holds extra gear that you might want to keep separate from your other gear.  I stuffed my Parcel with a puffy jacket which was great because it kept my jacket clean and away from all of my other gear.  I placed the stuffed Parcel at the bottom of my pack and then put my SLR camera on top of that for easy access.  The Kit is a separate organization system, kind of like what you might put your toiletries in.  I filled the Kit with all of my cables, cords and an extra phone battery and business cards.  It just provides easy and quick access to those little things that have the potential to get lost in a bag, but which I need at my fingertips often.

Lander kicked off this series of adventure packs on Kickstarter and will have the packs to order on the Lander website.  The Lander Commuter was extremely comfortable to carry on my weekend trip and gave me the confidence to know my gear was safe regardless of the conditions we were experiencing.  I loved it for how connected I can remain even on the go.

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