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Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Review

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock offers a tent that can be hung in a tree as a hammock or set up on the ground. It offers the best of both worlds. At less than 5 lbs. with straps and stakes, this hammock is not only lightweight, it is insect free and weather resistant as well.


Setting up the Lawson Hammock both on the ground and in the tree is easy and I could see using this on a serious thru-hike. I like its versatility to set up off the ground as well as on the ground in locations where you cannot find two trees close enough together to hang the hammock. The day we tested this, it was hot and we were ready to rest. Set up was quick and in no time we were feeling the breeze coming through the hammock as we rested in the shade of the trees. I set up the rain fly in less than two minutes. On those nights when I thought the rain fly would come in to play, I would set it up and strap it down so I could slide out and pull it up in just a few seconds.


Getting in and out of the hammock is easy. Once it is locked in on the tree, you feel secure and comfortable. Sleeping in the hammock is a dream; the key is getting it set up correctly. It’s best to set the hammock up level or one to two inches higher at the head. If you are worried about keeping the hammock stable, you can tie off the four corners. In cold weather the rain fly tied securely will keep in heat and the insulated sleeping pad will help. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is heavier than most of the hammocks or single-person tents I have researched. With this hammock you can however skip a sleeping pad, thus keeping your overall weight in check on thru-hikes or long expeditions. The width and flat feel of this hammock makes it more comfortable than other hammocks I have slept in.
The Lawson Hammock is a serious tool. When I first heard about the Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, I honestly thought it was not a fit for me. After testing this and sleeping in it this summer I am looking forward to using it this fall on several trips hunting. This is a hammock for one person and holds a max weight of 275 lbs. This is one person who was impressed!


Check out the Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock for yourself:





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