LifeProof Iphone CaseLifeProof is the first and only waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and snowproof case for the iPhone 4/4S.  Its sleek, ergonomic design still embraces the iPhone aesthetics and design concept, but does so while being ultra protective. The LifeProof case is backed by military specifications (MIL_SPEC) so it is tough and robust against all undesirable conditions.

Another great feature found in the LifeProof is it doesn’t hinder functionality of the iPhone. Unlike other “skins” or cases, the LifeProof includes crystal clear double anti-reflective coated glass lens, which both protects the camera itself while providing the sharpest images possible. HD videos can be taken anywhere, underwater, in the snow, even in the mud.

Overall, this case is perfect for all outdoor adventurers, whether you are golfing, swimming, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, boating or at the beach, the LifeProof iPhone case can only help protect your phone from the elements. In addition, the case is great for those with dirty jobs. Farming, construction, industrial work, police, fire, and military occupations are all rough on equipment. Whatever you are into, protect your iPhone with the LifeProof iPhone case.

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