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LOWA Camino GTX Boot Review

This year, I wanted a boot that would take me on long distance thru-hikes and be able to handle the hardest hunts that I could throw at it.  Enter the Camino GTX.  We ordered these boots in January and within days of receiving these boots they were on my feet trekking around Nebraska. This year I have taken them beyond Nebraska and into Wyoming and Montana.  There is no doubt they will be on my feet through the US hunting season this year.

What I like about these boots is I can ease the pressure on my foot through various tension by using the 2 zone lacing.  This truly makes these boots fit my feet.  I also like that the boots can be re-soled.  This gives me the reassurance that these boots will be with me for quite some time.  I have a truck with 327K miles on it; I can certainly have a pair of boots that I can put some serious miles on.  Now, I know I will never put that many miles on my boots, but every mile I do put on my boots is a win for me and only increases my odds as a hunter. 

LOWA has long been known for building the best boots with great construction and great materials. The Vibram Apptrail sole and GORE-TEX built into the boots guarantees these boots will last.  The medium shank and the great ankle support offer comfort. Equally important is  the lacing system that allows me to slide into the boots and adjust the fit quickly and accurately.  Therefore, I can hit the trail worry-free: no thoughts of blisters or hot spots.  Gone are the days of having to break in boots.  With LOWA boots, buy them and get out hiking.  Adjust the laces as you need to, and get miles under your feet. 

I really like the heel and toecaps on the Camino GTX boots.  While climbing rocky trails around Yellowstone this year, I felt the extra coverage gave me a little more grip when bouldering around.  The traction on these boots is exceptional with the Vibram sole.  Whether the conditions were wet or dry , the boots held ground, and my socks stayed dry and wicked well.  I specifically choose socks like Wigwam, Smartwool or FITS socks that I know will wick moisture out of the boots and keep me hiking.  

For me, I find the Camino GTX runs a little small in size.  I will be wearing these boots for the next several years, and I look forward to getting miles burned into the soles of these boots.  LOWA built the Camino GTX to be resoleable, expecting you to buy them and own them for a longtime.  Take a serious look at these boots.  

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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