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Miggo Strap & Wrap Gear Review


My non-hunting friends always say, “The only thing I shoot is pictures.” We’ve all heard that one. Well, we all shoot pictures and now there is a convenient way to carry your camera and protect it with the same product.


The miggo Strap & Wrap DSLR is the world’s first camera strap that changes into a protective case. It fits most small and medium sized DSLR cameras. It’s made from Neoprene and Lycra, so it is comfortable and durable.


What I like about the miggo Strap & Wrap is how it evenly distributes the weight of the camera across my torso. It is just as effective slung over my left shoulder as it is over my right. Most important, the miggo strap leaves my hands free.


Once finished taking pictures, the miggo Strap & Wrap zips up and wraps around the camera for extra padding and protection.


I feel this strap would work best for me on short excursions close to home or the car. Usually when I take my camera out for casual shooting, I use a small camera bag. It’s compact but large enough to hold my camera, a small wallet, and my not-so-smart phone. Because the miggo strap is just a strap and not a bag, there is no place for my necessities and I really don’t want to take a camera strap and a separate bag or purse. So if I plan on taking pictures at my daughter’s school choral concert or at a family get-together when I don’t need to have my wallet or phone handy, the miggo would work for me.


Overall, the miggo Strap & Wrap securely holds my camera and is the most comfortable camera strap I’ve used, but for my uses it is limited because it doesn’t hold my bare necessities.

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Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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